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Texas Accused of Preventing Border Protection from Helping Drowning Migrants, Denied by the State

Accusations of CBP for not helping drowning immigrants

There had been accusations from the Customs and Border Protection that stated that law enforcement prevented CBP from rescuing three drowning migrants in the Rio Grande on Friday.

The Texas authorities have denied any such claims. There has been a legal battle ongoing between the state government and federal government over the authority of the border.

It was stated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Saturday that access was not granted by the state National Guard to access to Border Patrol agents so that they could save the immigrants. The guard has blocked the access to the city park this week, which is located in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Texas officials accused of physically barring CBP

DHS issued a statement that accused the Texas officials of physically barring the Border Patrol agents from saving the three drowning immigrants. The Mexican government called the patrol agents informing them about the situation.

DHS even said that the policies of the Texas Governor are” cruel, dangerous, and inhumane”. He even said that Texas blatantly disregards federal authority which puts all the migrants at grave risk.

The dead bodies of two children and a woman found

Two children and a woman drowned in the accident. The three bodies were recovered by the Mexican authorities on this Friday evening as informed by the DHS.

Rep. Henery Cuellar from Texas talked about the situation. He called it a tragedy and said that the state has to bear the responsibility for these deaths. He was the first to report the deaths due to drowning.

It was predicted that the barricade could put the lives of migrants at risk

The Shelby Park and its boat ramp come under the barricaded sections of the Rio Grande. The primary access point for CBP to the river.

The court filing was held on Friday where the Department of Justice argued about how blocking federal access to the park could put the lives of the migrants in danger. Hours later the three migrants drowned in the unfortunate event.

“Because Border Patrol can no longer access or view this stretch of the border, Texas has effectively prevented Border Patrol from monitoring the border to determine whether a migrant requires the emergency aid that the court of appeals expressly excepted from the injunction,” the filing read.

A statement was released by the Texas Military Department (TMD) on Saturday. It reported that one of its units did search the river after the alert given by CBP. They were aware of the situation but were unable to find any migrants.

The claims made by the federal government that the Texas authorities physically barred the Border Patrol Agents from entering the park and helping the migrants have not been stated in the statement.

TMD did not observe any distressed migrants along the river and there was no sign of any drowning person. The department also said that there was no turning back of TMD to help any illegal migrant from the U.S., that too during this period.

There has been a feud going on between the federal and the Texas governments for a long time over the border jurisdiction. There was a request from the Department of Justice to the Supreme Court to rule on the disagreement.

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