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Teen Attempting To Murder Three Officers On Duty Pleaded Guilty in The Court, Faced 120 Years of Prison

Knife Attack on New Years Eve

The misguided teen who was held responsible for carrying out a knife attack on three officers who were on their guarding duties at The Time Square on the eve of 2022 New Year.

Trevor Bickford, who had recently turned 20, had pleaded guilty in the court this Thursday and admitted the charges that were presented against him. He faced charges of three counts of attempted murder of government officials and three counts of assault on government officials. Such serious charges had brought him a prison sentence for 20 years. 

The incident 

Nearly one year ago, the celebrations at the Time Squares, New York, came to a halt when Bickford, then 19, attacked three officers on duty with a kukri knife. The officers were posted just outside the safeguarded area of New York celebrations.

The sudden attacks took the victims by surprise. Bickford kept on charging them with his knife while they struggled to defend themselves. The police car that they had parked nearby was smeared with blood as the officers sustained some serious injuries during the assault. 

Accused Trevor Bickford

Police arrived on time and saved the day 

The scene created chaos in the surrounding area and a wave of panic had gripped over the crowd who came to celebrate the New Year with their loved ones. Soon, backup police officers arrived at the crime scene and shot Bickford to stop him.

He was then arrested and taken into police custody for further investigation. The injured police officers were assisted to the nearby medical center for further examination and expert consultancy. Later, the police reported that Bickford executed such a heinous crime as a jihadist movement. 

Bickford spoke in his defense 

While Bickford was defending himself on the trial, he had pleaded innocent in front of the judge. He explained that he should not be given such a lengthy prison sentence as he already told the investigators that his attempt to murder the officers were unsuccessful and he did not achieve the martyrdom he was hoping for.

The investigating officers stated that Bickford chose a time of celebration so that he could carry out the terrorism that was injected into his mind by misguidance and delusional belief. 

The knife that Bickford carried

Bickford is to be sentenced to prison on April 11. The New York Police Department had applauded the backup officers who arrived at the scene in time and rescued three lifes which were being held at the stake.

Their quick thinking and teamwork had made the difficult task possible and due to their resilience, the culprit was not able to fulfill his desire. The U.S. attorney Damian Williams stated that Bickford supported misguided ideologies which prompt violence and manslaughter. He believes that Bickford is finally going to a place that he deserves and that is the federal prison.  

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