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Tate Claims that the Mysterious Tunnel in Brooklyn Links to a Children’s Museum

Andrew Tate claims the Jewish tunnel connects to a children’s museum

Recently on X, it was revealed that Andrew Tate has a connection with the tunnel under a New York City synagogue to a children’s museum.

The claims were made by the former kickboxer and controversial figure. The post was directed at a conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Tate has been involved with Shapiro regarding a public war of words over the Israel and Hamas conflict.

Two days after Hamas killed and kidnapped people in the south of Israel, the Jewish supporter of Israel, Shapiro, reposted a clip that showed the ongoing fight in the Gaza Strip.

War of words between Tate and Shapiro

Tate is a Muslim and is strictly against war. He is a supporter of Israel and is advocating for a cease-fire. He stated, “Let me assure you as someone who has does his own fighting—as opposed to excitedly encouraging others to do it for him—while sitting at home on a comfy chair. Peace is always worth a conversation.”

Shapiro replied to Tate by saying that he is not the one who has pimped out women and been the one to brag about it. According to him, the rapists of women and children should be eradicated and not negotiated with.

Tate has been charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania. He organized a crime group intending to sexually exploit women.

The war of words continued as Tate replied to Shapiro on Wednesday when he asked him to explain the tunnel under the synagogue which leads to a kid’s museum. Tate’s claim was refuted by several Community Notes. The community notes intended that the passageway of the tunnel and the museum does not cross.

A mysterious tunnel under a synagogue discovered

The underground tunnel was dug under the global headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The tunnel is supposedly 60-feet-long, 8-feet-wide and 5-feet-long.

The tunnel was discovered by a construction worker as he saw the tunnel span from under the women’s section of the synagogue to a mikvah. The women’s section has been closed until the building is stabilized.

An anonymous tip was given to the fire department of New York City back in December 2020. However, they were not able to discover it.

Multiple emergency efforts have been made by the officials of the New York City Buildings Departments so that the synagogue can be stabilized. The structure of the building is in great danger due to the illegal digging of the tunnel.

Young supporters of Chabad Movement supported the construction

According to the citing officials and locals, there had been young men in the community who have helped in digging the tunnel. The supporters of the tunnel have claimed that there is an expansion plan envisioned by the former head of the Chabad movement, Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Even though Tate has mentioned the children’s museum linked with the tunnel, no proof has been found to support his claims.

Yashar Ali wrote on X and discussed his concerns on how a piece of local news has turned out to be a global topic of interest. He said,  “The attempt—one that shouldn’t have been made and was wrong—to expand a basement has now turned into ‘the Jews have tunnels where they are [insert blood libel here].’ I’m seeing this spread aggressively all over the world…it’s not surprising, but still depressing.”


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