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Stunt Driving Snatched Away Two Young Lives

Road racing killed two

The thrill of road racing had snatched away two young lives this Monday. The two victims of a violent car crash were two passengers of a car taking part in a reckless car race. The unfortunate youngsters are identified as Gilvante Roberson, who was 21 years old and Sabrina Villagomez, who was 15 years old. The eye witnesses and friends of the deceased had confirmed that Roberson was sitting in the passenger seat of the car and Villagomez was sitting at the back of the car. 

Description of the accident

The horrible accident took place at around 3:30 pm, near the intersection of Bryant and Viele Avenues in Hunts Point. This area is infamous for the reckless behavior of motor vehicle enthusiasts and thrill seekers. The onlookers had given statements about how the accident happened in the first place. They said that the driver of the car, whose identity is still not revealed by the police, was speeding his car down the road. 

What caused the accident

The car driver did not see a small dip in the road as well as the salt spread in the road to melt away the ice. The driver had hit the dip and lost control of the car. The car spiraled on its own and rammed into a fuel truck parked nearby. The incident happened within the blink of an eye. The locals and witnesses rushed to the rescue after the collision happened. They tried to break out the damaged windows of the car and take out the injured victims. 

The measures taken by authorities

Police and medical assistance were soon called for. They arrived at the scene soon after and took prompt actions. They rushed the victims to the nearby hospital. Roberson and Villagomez succumbed to their injuries after fighting for a few hours. The driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, later he slowly got into a stable position and now is being medically observed. There was another 17 year old girl in the passenger seat who was still struggling for life as she reached the hospital severely injured. 

Community needs healing after the unfortunate deaths

Both the victims of the crash used to go to Ramapo High School in Rockland County. The school community was utterly shocked and devastated by the untimely and shocking death of two young students. The superintendent of the school had expressed his deep condolences to the families of the victims. He stated that during these trying times, families need to stay strong and closer. “This news is devastating for our entire East Ramapo school community, and our hearts are with the families and friends of these two students,” Superintendent Clarence G. Ellis wrote.

The real threat of road racing 

The workers who generally spend most of their time in the said area informed that such incidents were unfortunate but nothing new for them. That part of the road is wide and empty and it lacks any kind of speed bumps. They said that the races got worse during the summertime. They also added that they had to be alert and concerned while driving because of the gatherings of thrill seekers there. The owner of the truck had expressed deep sorrow for the loss of the families. He said that the damage that his truck sustained would be repairable but the young lives lost can never be brought back.

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