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Stuart Heavily Criticized Biden as He Declared That America Had Chosen Trump Over An “Aging” Biden

An unexpected victory raised questions

American politics was the witness of another jaw-dropping event as the election season drew near. Americans were surprised to find out that former American President Donald Trump managed to snatch a victory against current President Joe Biden at the Iowa caucuses. Donald’s dominant victory had given rise to multiple speculations and discussions regarding the topic.

Stuart takes on the controversial topic

On the show called “My Take”, hosted by “Varney and Co.”, Stuart Varney put forward some strong opinions which were related to these shocking results. He said that the voters had finally realized the game of politics and now they were not willing to buy into the public image of Donald Trump that the Democrats were trying to create for a long time.

He breaks down the reasons for preferring Donald Trump over Biden

He had stated that the voters were preferring a more direct and strong personality like Donald Trump who undoubtedly has a very captivating media presence. The voters are choosing Donald Trump over the idea that Biden had been trying to impose on America since 2020. He also added that the bad publicity done by the media was one of the most contributing factors to Trump’s downfall.

Stuart also presented a theory of how the Democrats had been always targeting Trump and trying to present the former president as a criminal. He mentioned some of the lawsuits that were filed against the president very strategically. The cases were publicized just before the election so that the news could manipulate the minds of the voters. Stuart also claimed that the hearing dates of those lawsuits were skillfully announced so that they could interrupt the election process can distract the voters from the issues that matter more.

Verney went ahead to bash the current President

During his speech, Stuart heavily criticized the political strategies that Biden had been following. He said that the downfall of the economy was caused by the idea presented by Biden, which he mentioned as “Bidenomic”. The concept did not sit well with the common people as most people struggled to understand why they were holding onto an idea that had failed to serve the nation in any way.

The media and public presence of Biden were also questioned on the platform. Stuart said that an “aging” Biden had failed to connect with the citizens of America. He rarely presents himself in front of the media and often keeps avoiding any kind of press conferences. These actions cause a void in communication and the Americans always nurture a notion that their President is not willing to address their issues.

Other than these, Stuart also criticized the recent Border policies taken by the Biden Administration as they had caused havoc for both the citizens and the immigrants. The softer approach towards the immigration rules had caused a sudden influx of asylum seekers and homeless immigrants in America and America had been struggling to gather enough resources to keep their promises. This caused great confusion amongst the immigrants as they were forced to beg the citizens for food, clothes, and financial aid which in turn infuriated the citizens. Analyzing multiple aspects Stuart finally concluded that the former President was far better in handling both the economic situation and border control issues of the United States.

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