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Strong Snow Fall Covered Northeastern America with 14 Inches Thick Snow Blanket

Heavy snowfall in America 

A strong snow storm brought more than 1 foot thick snow blanketing the Northeastern states of America and it announced an end to the particularly snowless and warmer winter. As the storm grappled the residents and authorities with a sudden onslaught of chilly wind and heavy snowfall, most of the Americans were pretty happy to witness fresh snow covering the roofs of their houses after a long time. On Monday, almost 14 inches thick snowfall were reported in the New York, New England and Pennsylvania region. Due to heavy rainfall, strong winds and bad weather most of the Northeastern states of America was alerted by the weather forecasters by Sunday evening. 

People are enjoying a snowy winter

New Yorkers are seen rather enjoying the new snowfall as they prepare to shovel away some snow from their driveaways. Most of them were relieved by the sight of the first snowfall of 2024 and they welcomed the cold snow blanket with warm hearts. Jesse Floyd, 57, from Boxborough, Mass, was rather enjoying the weather this morning and was joined by his 3 year old daughter Ira in this adventure. He said that the New England winter does not feel like winter until it snows. His daughter seemed particularly eager to build a snowball that threw at her father as he continued to be interviewed by the local news reporter. 

Concerns are arising 

The preliminary snowfall was measured to be six inches tall in most of the Northeastern states of America and after the big storm on Sunday evening, the thickness of the snowbed had reached a rather concerning state. Concerned authorities had alerted the residents and the Public Safety Department had distributed supplies for ease of snow removal to the local citizens. Forecasters fear that the storm seems to be rapidly growing its strength and they warned drivers against planning travels as there would be dangerous driving conditions and low visibility due to heavy snowfall this week. Government had increased appointing workers to assist in snow removal from the important routes and streets.


Multiple transportations were interrupted 

According to a flight tracking service, more than 820 flights were canceled from the United States. After 3:30 pm on Monday, more than 160 flights to and from Boston International Airport had been canceled which had created frustration and unease among passengers. The railway authorities had taken necessary measures to be able to keep up proper transportation. Frequent power outages had been reported to the authority during the snowstorm. On Sunday evening more than 12,000 residents were without power in Massachusetts.  

The authorities were also scared as there was a probability of coastal flooding due to the heavy snow and rainfall in New York city. As much as citizens are enjoying the weather and building snowmen, the government announced that they are relieved that the coastal flooding did not take place after the heavy snow. The people in charge of the skiing business seemed pretty satisfied with the snowfall. One of them said that people had lost the urge to ski during the holiday season due to the lack of a snowy winter but now the business is slowly coming to life as more people are out of their houses to enjoy the weather.

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