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Stranger Things Season 5 Set Photo Shows How Eddie’s Legacy Will Continue

Stranger Things shared a photo from Season 5

A new photo from the set of Stranger Things season 5 has got the fans in a chokehold. It spotlights how Eddie’s legacy will be felt following the death of the fan-favorite character. He made his debut in the 2022 season’s opening episode. Munson was shown as a metalhead, a beloved Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, and a social outcast who found himself a prime suspect in the case of Hawkins’ latest string of grisly deaths.

Despite being labeled as a murderer and being terrified of what he saw, Eddie took a stand to save the town all by himself, to make amends for his cowardice, and at last gave his life.

 A new photo of a locker came in

Hollywood Handle has shared a new set photo on Twitter as Stranger Things season 5 continues filming, presumably from Hawkins High School’s corridor.

In a photo, a locker is shown. The locker door features a cartoon mace and demon, along with a declaration that “Hellfire Lives” is scrawled in red marker. It is considered to be a touching tribute to the name of Munson’s group of misfit D&D players in season 4. It shows how Eddie’s legacy will continue to live on in the final season.

Tribute to Eddie’s legacy

The touching tribute is hoped to leave certain viewers with a smile. However, it is not the only mention of Munson seen on the set of Stranger Things. Despite Quinn’s character passing in the show, his character has left a clear impact on Hawkins, for unforeseen circumstances, as Dustin has been seen wearing a tattered Hellfire Club shirt. The image has been presented even after a seemingly lengthy time skip following season 4 in recent set photos.

In the same photo, Dustin can be seen standing at Eddie’s grave. He was demolished for his expected involvement in the past season’s tragedies. The tragedies unraveled themselves into a dark atmosphere for things to come.

Reference to season 4 is strong

The townspeople found themselves becoming potential threats in season 4. It came into the picture as the unexplainable horrors of the numerous murders led to the town being caught up in a mob.

Many of them turned to violence while searching for Eddie, as they assumed Eddie had turned the Hellfire Club into a cult, with Jason Carver attacking several members in their hunt.

We all know that Stranger Things season 4 ended in a disaster. It befell the town that would be weird to explain by the regular citizens, Hawkins may still be in the conscience of this moral panic by the events of season 5, which gave a push to Eddie’s villainous perception.

Season 5 eager to see the show’s heroes in their darkest place

Stranger Things season 5 is eager to see the show’s heroes in their darkest place yet. We all know the past season’s deaths weigh heavily on the leading cast. While Eddie’s continued villain arc by the town and the impotence of Dustin and friends to clear his name may leave things seeming barren, nonetheless, the touching locker tribute may come as a bright light in the darkness.

Not only does it acknowledge a fan-favorite character, but it also shows that those who cared for him in Hawkins are still fighting on. The fight has been continued even into the darkest moment of the series’ final chapter.

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