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Storm Henk continues to grow stronger, evoking panic and fear after taking a life

Storm Henk has proven itself as a threatening “danger to life” as it claimed the first casualty near Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Larger parts of England and most of Wales continue to experience heavy rains and strong winds. Following such a strong impact of the natural disaster, severe warnings have been issued for River Nene near Billing Aquadrome and nearby leisure and business parks. 

Fallen tree crushed a life

As reported around 3:24 pm of Tuesday, 2nd Jan, a report came in describing that storm Henk has been at one of its worst forms as it claimed its first victim. A tree crashed into a vehicle, ending the life of a woman. Another vehicle was also involved in this accident, but it sustained minor damages. 

Actions taken by authorities

Immediate actions had been taken  as soon as the report came in and paramedics were sent to help any surviving victims. A Rescue team from London has also informed that the London Fire Brigade have been able to play significant parts in rescuing victims and preventing further consequences in more than 30 incidents related to the storm.

Henk continues to disrupt various means of life

After observing the recent development regarding the storm and flood, more than 700 warnings and alerts have been issued across the United Kingdom. This created further panic and chaos amongst the common citizens. The rising water levels of River Nene is depicted as “deep and fast flowing” and is being considered as a threat that can disrupt the normal flow of day to day life. 

Transportation and communications are also severely hampered as the side effects of the storm. Passengers are facing multiple cancellations and delays while traveling along the line between London Euston and Watford Junction. According to a spokesperson of the national rail, these disruptions are caused by the damage of an overhead electric wire between the mentioned train stations. The authority informed that they are deeply sorry for the inconveniences caused to the passengers in this time of dispute and are advised to take alternate and safer routes. 

Alerts and rescue missions

Thousands of people have been reportedly evacuated as a precautionary measure at the holiday park of Northamptonshire. As the situation in the south worsened, the southern western railway authorities requested the passengers not to travel due to several life threatening possibilities. Due to heavy rainfall and windy weather, more than 100 thousand power failures were reported. The responsible authorities are trying their best to repair and reconnect these connections for ensuring the safety of life.

As the storm continues to strengthen further, authorities have issued notices signifying to be calm and contended during these difficult times. People have been advised to keep dry food, supplies and first aid medical kits handy. It was also advisable to dial 999 to inform the rescue teams as soon as any situation poses a threat to life. 

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