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Son Killed Pregnant Teen and her Boyfriend. Mom and Dad Helped in Hiding the Dead Bodies

Pregnant teen and her boyfriend killed

Pregnant teen Savanah Soto and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra were murdered in Texas. Christopher Preciado has been charged with judicial execution at the age of only 19. His 53-year-old father, Ramon Preciado, has been charged with abuse of a corpse when the couple was killed by his son.

Now a third person’s name has come up related to the murderers. The authorities announced that Myrta Romanos, the 47-year-old mother of Christopher has also been charged with abuse of a corpse along with tampering with the evidence and, altering destroying, or concealing a human dead body.

Christopher had used Romanos’ gun to kill the couple according to the authorities. The affidavit was posted on San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT’s website which had a surveillance. It showed that the Preciados were accompanied by Romanos when they drove the car of the deceased couple to ditch it.

The identification of the victim’s car

Soto and Guerra were dead inside the car and the car was ditched along with their corpses. Soto was reported missing on the 23rd of December. She had missed an appointment that was scheduled with the doctor. Her parents have not been able to get ahold of her since then.

Same was the situation with Guerra’s family. The car was identified after the description of the car was sent out and the family was contacted by a resident on 26 December. He had spotted the vehicle behind a building in the 5900 block of Danny Kaye Drive.

The couple was found dead and the cause of death seemed to be the gunshot wounds on their heads. Soto was placed in the front seat whereas her boyfriend was seated in the back seat. It seemed like Matthew was shot first and then dragged inside the car.

According to the surveillance video, there was a Chevrolet Silverado that came slightly before the victim’s car. The Silverado had its lights turned off. The video was of December 21.

Ramon Preciado got out of the Chevrolet. He talked to the driver seated in the victim’s car who is believed to be his son. A towel was thrown by Romanos to Ramon which was certainly used to clean the side door of the driver’s seat of the victim’s car.

The affidavit says after that Christopher placed the victim’s car behind the building. He then got into the Silverado and left with his father.

Guerra was a potential target for robbery

It was later found out by the detectives that Guerra was a drug dealer. He used to flaunt his money on social media which made him an easy target for robbery. He had been a victim of a shooting before this too.

One of the victim searched for Carlie Chan Drive on their phones, although it was unclear which one of them it was. Their vehicle was pinged to that location.

Finding the vehicle of the murderers

The Silverado was found at a home located on Charlie Chan Drive. The officials transported the Preciados to the San Antonio Police Department for interviews. There, Ramon admitted his crime of how he helped his son in hiding the body.

False claims made by the family

After that, Christopher Preciado admitted that the couple had come to his home for a marijuana sale. There he claimed that Guerra shot himself and his girlfriend. The police does not support the claims made by Christopher.

Even Romanos lied about sleeping at home on the night of the murders. However, she can be clearly seen in the videos exiting the Silverado in her driveway along with her husband. All the three members of the family are under custody right now.

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