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Snowfall Predictions made for NJ and PA, Central Park sees Snow after almost 700 Days

A line of snow covered cars on Pheonix Ave during a snowstorm in Morristown on Tuesday morning, February 28, 2023.

Snowfall predictions by National Weather Services

Latest snowfall predictions have been forecasted by the National Weather Services for New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. A weekend storm has been experienced in these regions.  On Saturday a powerful winter storm absconded through the northeastern region of the United States. Heavy snowfall, freezing rain, and wind gusts were experienced because of this storm. Many people faced treacherous travel conditions. A population of about 20 million from the northeastern region of the U.S. to northern Mexico was under winter storm warnings.

Prediction of the amount of snow

In Sussex, Morris, Passaic, and Warren counties are expected to experience about a foot of snow. Even a small portion of northwestern Bergan County is predicted to be exposed to snowfall. This weather is expected to start on January 6 as seen in the latest weather map of NWS. In the Pocono Mountains, a snowfall of about 12 inches has been predicted. Philadelphia might get a snowfall of an inch or so, whereas Reading and Allentown might see four to six inches of snow.

Jersey Shore will only experience rain, while North Jersey will see snowfall between one to four inches. The meteorologist of New Jersey predicted that the region would be on the high side all the way around. This will happen as the warm air is moving into the region. A quick burst of heavy snow at the onset cools the lower atmosphere down and creates a quick surprise. Yet, there might be variables present that will need to be watched.

Steps taken by the locals and the authorities

When it comes to the residents of these regions, they are ready to face the storm. Many have organized many snow removal supplies. Officials even instructed them to avoid traveling as much as possible. The regions have been warned of dangerous conditions ahead as heavy snow and freezing rain. The commoners have been warned about these conditions and have been told to take relevant precautions.

Parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania and northwestern New Jersey got at least three inches of snow as noted on Saturday night. Many regions have been warned for rain and snow. The snowfall rates will increase by one inch per hour as predicted by the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, N.J. Some areas might experience an increase of up to two inches per hour. These predictions have been made in Lehigh Valley and southern Poconos in Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey.

As reported on Saturday, 0.2 inches of snow had fallen in Central Park and La Guardia Airport. Whereas, at Kennedy Airport snow had a depth of 0.1 inches. Central Park has experienced snow after almost 700 days. New Jersey has restrained commercial vehicles on multiple highways as a precautionary method. The overnight has been predicted to be the heaviest, hence, the locals are advised not to go out and refrain from using any vehicles.

The precipitation is predicted to be between 3 to 5 pm in New Jersey. In the areas which are expected to receive the highest amount of snow, the precipitation will be overnight. The snow will change into rain eventually.

A line of snow covered cars on Pheonix Ave during a snowstorm in Morristown on Tuesday morning, February 28, 2023.

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