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Slicky and icy roads are blamed for the severe car crash on I-75

Several vehicles were involved in the severe crash that took place on Wednesday morning, along the icy road of I-75 in Oakland County. Primarily, the thin sheet of ice on the road is blamed for such a catastrophic event. WWJ’s reporter Langton has informed that the car crash has slowed down multiple lanes in the southbound I-75 roads. 

Several cars engaged in a severe crash

The onlookers have said that the crash was so huge and messy that several tow trucks and police vehicles were called in to detangle the damaged vehicles of the car crash. The blockage due to the crash was soon clear, but the weather specialists and reporters are advising drivers to be mindful while driving along the roads. 

Weather meteorologist explains the reason

WWJ’s weather meteorologist DeVore added that this morning’s weather presented Detroiters with a very unusual and deceiving situation. He said that the conditions created a conflicting situation, where a car’s thermometer tells one story and the tires experience whole another. He further declared that the temperature is currently fluctuating between below the zero temperature and above the below temperature. DeVore stated that these fluctuations do not usually indicate heavy snowing but the ice drizzle creates the slippery conditions on the road. 

Measures are being taken 

Detroiters expect their first blast of winter pretty soon and the authorities are working hard to keep transportation flawless. After some heavy snow on Tuesday, people were at work to move the snow from the major roads. The strong wind made the situation much more challenging as it kept returning the ice particles to the road after being removed again and again.

Weather forecasters also suggested drivers to be extra careful while driving during Wednesday night. The drivers might experience heavy snowfall and reduced visibility. The car crash on Tuesday morning shut down several paths of freeways for several hours. As per the report, nobody was harmed and fortunately, there had been no casualties. The authorities are taking up further measurements to prevent future tragedies. They are using a mixture of salt and sand to melt the ice faster from the road. They are wholeheartedly working and putting out alerts for drivers to drive safely and slowly.


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