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Six People who went Missing in Missouri Suspected of Joining a Cult

Six people went missing in Missouri

There was a report of a half-dozen people who went missing in Missouri in August. They have been believed to be a part of a cult. There are speculations that a cult lured them which is led by a convicted child molester as reported by the police.

Rashad Jamal is the leader of this cult. The police in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley said that Jamal was convicted on the count of child molestation along with one count of cruelty to children. He has been arrested in August and is serving an 18-year prison sentence.

Jamal, I’m a former rapper-turned-online guru. He is known for operating the University of Cosmic Intelligence, that is what he calls it. Maj. Steve Runge from Berkley Police reported to the NBC affiliate KSDK of St. Louis that the investigators speculate that these six missing people have become the followers of the child molester. This all was reported by the police last week.

It was mentioned on Jamal’s website that he is all geared up along with his so-called University so that he can enlighten and illuminate the minds of all the carbonated beings. By that, he meant the so-called black and Latino people present on this earth.

People who went missing

Shelita Gibson had her daughter and grandson missing and are speculated to be a part of this cult. She told KSDK that she hoped wherever her two family members were residing, they would be okay so that she could sleep peacefully at night without any worry.

If she is informed whether they have a full stomach or not, or they are warm enough and are not forced to do things out of their will then she does not have to worry about them a lot. She also hopes her daughter is not indulging in any kind of activity that she is going to regret later.

Gabrielle German who is a 26-year-old woman and her 3-year-old son, Ashton Mitchell were spotted with the four other missing people back in August. They were last seen at a Quality Inn that is located near St. Louis Lambert International Airport, as reported by the police.

Naaman Williams a 29-year-old, Mikayla Thompson, a 23-year-old, Ma’Kayla Wickerson, a 22-year-old, and her 3-year daughter, Malaiyah are among the other four people who have gone missing. They all resided in a rented house in Berkeley. After that, they vanished from their place.

People assume Jamal lured people in by preying on their weaknesses

Ma’Kayla Wilkerson’s mother, Cartisha Morgan, told the people of KDSK that she has not been ab to contact her daughter since August. According to Cartisha, her daughter was suffering from postpartum depression.

She met all these people online and they used her weaknesses against her and hence, lured her into their cultural activities.

There was a jailhouse interview that took place recently with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jamal denied any accusations of being a cult leader however, there were videos of Jamal that circulated online which have more than 200,000 views where he regularly called himself a God, a Prophet, or a Messiah.

Jamal’s statement

Jamal insisted to the police that he was indeed an innocent man. Two molestation charges that stemmed from a child custody dispute on Jamal have been denied from him. He even denied any connection with the three missing people who have vanished since August from the St. Louis suburb.

He stated that he is certain about not knowing these six people. He said that all he does is get on his phone and give a lecture and after that just gets off his phone. He has no connection whatsoever with these people who have joined his livestream. Multiple people listen to him and he is not familiar with each one of them.

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