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Six ‘Cult Members’ Along with Two Children Remain Missing as police Investigation Throws Light on the Emergence of a New Belief

A recent development in a case in Missouri where a group of six individuals, including two young children, disappeared from the St. Louis area on August 13, 2023, left the state’s residents and authorities in utter shock. The Berkeley Police Department stated that the missing individuals were identified as, Mikayla Thompson, 25, Naaman Williams, 30, Gerrielle German, 27, 2-year-old Ashton Williams, Ma’Kayla Wickerson, 36, and 3-year-old Malaiyah Wickerson. The authorities were informed that the individuals, along with the two minors, had disappeared from a rental home near Lambert St. Louis Airport.

During the investigation carried out by the authorities, it was discovered that these individuals had become a part of a spiritual cult. They were reported to have been influenced by the “teachings” of a man named Rashad Jamal. Rashad Jamal has an online presence of thousands of followers, across multiple social media forums. The Berkeley Police also stated that Jamal was recently found guilty of committing various crimes in the State of Georgia and is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence.

The Cult of a Criminal 

It was reported that the group was last seen on August 13th, 2023, at a Quality Inn Hotel at 55 Dunn Road in Florissant, Missouri. Police found that although the four missing adults were strangers to each other, they did have one thing in common. All four of the missing adults followed Rashad Jamal, a self-proclaimed “prophet” who created The University of Cosmic Intelligence. This “university” is an online religious group with an established presence in United States.

A Barrow County judge had previously sentenced Jamal to 18 years in prison in August 2023 after he was found guilty of committing child molestation and cruelty against children. On August 25th, 2023, Jamal filed a motion for a new trial, but no new developments were reported.

The University of Cosmic Intelligence is also known to offer enrolment packages for lectures, blog posts, videos, and merchandise, showcasing just how much of an influential they have on certain sections of the American society.

Blinding Faith

In a series of unfortunate events last year, several of Jamal’s followers, including convicted individuals Damien Winslow Washam, Krystal Diane Pinkins and Yasmine Hider were accused of two separate murders in Alabama. Pinkins and Hider were found guilty of killing Adam Sinjee, a 22-year-old Florida college student. Washam, however, was not found guilty of killing his mother with a sword by the reason of insanity.

Investigation carried out by the Berkeley Police brought Jamal and the University of Cosmic Intelligence to the public’s eye once again as the six individuals, along with the two children, continue to remain missing. The authorities believe that the six aforementioned individuals, who were complete strangers to each other, had travelled from their respective states and met. It also believed that the six individuals even lived together in St. Louis before disappearing off the grid collectively.

The authorities and the citizens of Missourie were reported to be “shocked” at the “level of disconnect these individuals have demonstrated with friends and family members” by disappearing off the grid and not leaving any information behind as to what their motive was.

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