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Several Regions of the US Prepare for A Weather Change as Winds Get Stronger and the Temperature Drops Further  

As high winds and winter weather struck the Western New York on Tuesday, thousands of residents were left behind in dark, without power. On Tuesday at 2:49 PM, the National Weather Service Buffalo reported that winds at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport had reached 70 mph from the southeast. It also predicted that the winds will progressively get worse.

In Chautauqua County, Dunkirk police also reported high winds in the area, with trees and power lines falling throughout the area. The state government and authorities urged drivers on the road to use every possible caution there is, since even the traffic lights were left without power after the violent winds hit the geographic region. Authorities also informed the residents that public works crews were already out on the street, working tirelessly to clear roadways of the debris left behind due to the unexpected weather.

An Unexpected Surprise

A High Wind Warning was put into effect on Tuesday for all of WNY and was kept in motion till 4 a.m. on Wednesday. Weather experts and analysts had predicted that the winds might range anywhere range from 30-40 mph with gusts eventually reaching up to 75 mph.

For the upcoming week, the Western New York is reportedly preparing to undergo one of the first blasts from winter this season, but snow and rain are the least of the worries for the State’s residents.

Weather forecasts have issued high wind warnings across the area with gusts expecting to go upward of 50,60 and 70 miles per hour. National Grid and NYSEG have assured that the authorities are extra prepared for the upcoming hazardous weather conditions as extra crews have already been positioned to respond during the storm.

Ken Kujawa, regional director of National Grid addressed the seriousness of the issue in an organized press conference. He stated that the authorities weren’t ready to take any chances with the upcoming storm, and their strategy to face the bizzare weather conditions is to be overprepared.

Changing Weather, Changing Measures 

Authorities have cautioned the general public that these winds are abnormal because they are not traditionally coming from off Lake Erie, instead they are originating from the southeast. This poses a great threat to the environment of the affected geographical region.

Weather experts have warned that places below the escarpment in Chautauqua County could receive the most damage, but authorities are monitoring the entire region very closely. Government officials have also warned residents to not keep anything valuable outside of their homes, charge their cell phones, portable charges, and other electronic devices before the winds get uncontrollable.

National Grid also encouraged residents to use battery operated lights instead of candles if, and when, the area loses electronic power. This would also ensure that residents are using a generator safely. Kujawa also asked the residents to open their main breaker for the safety of the official crews who will be out on the street, fixing power.

“Close your doors, close your windows, do not operate the generator in any enclosed space including an attached garage,” Kujawa added.

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