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Serious Conversations About Personal Experiences of Abortion Rights Took Place “On The Brink”

The most raw, honest and heartfelt conversations about difficulties women and their partners face due to strict abortion laws made their ways to the public eye via “On The Brink” show. After the new appeals court ruling, abortion has become one of the most conservative taboos in states like Texas who possess the strictest anti-abortion laws. ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and correspondent Rachel Scott had taken up the responsibilities to represent some more behind-the scenes and close-to-home truths. 

The truth behind the curtain

They went across 10 states of America and interviewed about 18 women along with their partners. These women had been victims of the strict laws regarding abortion and they had been denied proper support and medical care at the emergency rooms because he had not been  decidedly “sick enough”. The law enforced a penalty for the doctors and medical care providers assisting in any abortion seeking patients, which made them turn away patients until they are in life-threatening conditions. Some of these women had to travel to other states with less conservative laws to abort their pregnancies. 

The women on the show

Emotion driven conversations

Scott stated that having these discussions with women who had already experienced enough complications were not easy at all. Most of the interviewees were hesitant to speak up against the authority and feared criticism. Some of the conversations were ridden with difficult emotions and it took a lot of effort for both parties to talk about the kind of situation they had been through. Scott admired the courage of the women who finally decided to speak about their tragic personal experiences and be open and confrontational about it. She acknowledged that this is never an easy task for any woman. 

The experience of partners 

The show also invited the partners on the show, who never met each other before but they all shared a common experience– being scared about losing their loved ones. The experiences that these men had gone through were generally overlooked but an open discussion brought their feelings on the table too. One of them was Stephen Anaya, who was very happy after getting to know that her wife Kristen was pregnant with a girl. However, luck took a bad turn and Kristen’s water broke at the 15th week of her pregnancy, way sooner than expected. The doctors said that the fetus could not be saved, but they refused to assist with an abortion as Kristen’s condition was not severe enough to consider it as an exceptional case. Stephen shared that he had to go through the horrible experience of witnessing his wife getting sicker by every passing moment until she went into a sepsis. After that the doctors considered starting the abortion procedures. 

Stories like these paint horrifying pictures of overlooked and ignored scenarios in post-Roe America. In most of the states doctors and nurses are even afraid to speak out the word “abortion” openly. They are using code words to help the patient and assist them. There is no definitive description of what is considered “critical” until which the patients have to wait even though they are in utter discomfort. The hosts of the show predicted that this abortion issues are going to play a significant part in 2024 elections and awareness should be spread everywhere about the complicated situations that are created by the regressive laws.

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