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Search for Culprit Underway Who Ruined the Famous Chicago Landscape Known as the “Rat Hole”

You dirty rat!

The aforementioned phrase has been recently trending across various social media platforms ever since “the rat hole” incident occurred in Chicago. The city of Chicago, which is famous for its pizzas, has also gained notoriety for being a gangster haven for several years now. In a recent turn of events, the famous Chicago indentation known as “the rat hole” was vandalized by a local criminal who still remains at large.

The famous indentation is present in the pavement on west Roscoe Street. It gained popularity due to its spectacular similarity to a rat, with intricate details of a tail and claws. According to a news report that was released on Friday this week, it was reported that an unknown individual had filled the “rat hole” with a substance that resembled white plaster. Officials from Transportation and Streets and Sanitation confirmed that this was not a state-orchestrated move.

The Famous “Rat Hole”

Residents who lived near the “rat hole” gathered on Friday afternoon to clean the famous landmark. The neighbors cleaned the landmark using brush and water. The landmark, which is one of Chicago’s most attractive tourist destinations, was scrubbed clean by the efforts of the residents.

The “rat hole” is also famously referred to as “Lil Stucky” or “Chimley” refers to the creature that was found spreadeagled on the spot by the residents. The place was marked as the creature’s final resting place, with neighbors and residents from all across the state gathering at the spot and extending tributes, which included prayer candles, small toys, coins, and plastic candles.

Although this tourist destination maybe a bizarre landmark for non-Chicago residents, residents of Chicago have grown to be fond of the landmark and wish to “protect it at all costs.”

The “Weird” Chicago

According to the residents who live near the “rat hole,” the imprint has been there for nearly two decades. It was reportedly made by a squirrel. Dumaine, who is a resident of Chicago, addressed the absurdness of the landmark while talking to the media present at the scene.

Dumaine was quoted saying that although the “rat hole” was a “silly thing,” the reason why it was so prominent was because “thousands and thousands of people were in a big, sweet, heartfelt joke.” He further added that the state of Chicago has always been known for bizarre things, things that make Chicago “difficult” for outsiders to understand. He ended the interview by saying that although Chicago hates rats, “they love rats.”

So far, no individual has been deemed responsible for this act.

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