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School Education Proved To Be Difficult For The Children of Immigrant Families

Immigrant policy related issues keep coming back

The relocation of immigrant families had raised multiple concerns for the people going through the relocation process. The United States of America had seen several inconsistencies in the process of following through their newer border control and immigration policies. From angering the American citizens to frustrating the asylum-seeker by promising more than they could provide, the Biden administration had been facing a lot of backlash regarding this issue. 

The schooling of the immigrant children

A new matter that needs to be discussed is the schooling opportunity for the children belonging to the immigrant families. Chicago authorities had announced a new policy about the relocation of the immigrants. The notice stated that if an immigrant family fails to secure a permanent housing within sixty days of getting placed into a temporary housing then they need to get back to the shelter and wait again for their opportunity to be relocated. 

The dilemma of Daniella

Daniella had recently moved to Chicago with her 11 year old son. She had witnessed a fair share of struggle in her life. She had been counting her days in a downtown shelter for the last six months and after an adequate amount of waiting she finally got an apartment at a crossroads. With the 60 days eviction notice serving her, she had been facing some serious dilemma. 

The unseen struggles behind the so-called relocation policies

Daniella’s son is a student of Ogden International School of Chicago’s Jenner campus. The obligation that Daniella faces to find another apartment creates a lot of issues for her son’s education. As Daniella asked for help from Catholic Charities to find an apartment in the South Shore, the newfound apartment puts a distance of 13 miles between her son’s schools and her apartment. Committing to an hour long commute daily just to reach school would interfere with Daniella’s plan of finding employment too. 

The information are getting lost in the transit 

The immigrant families do not have access to adequate information that can help them to understand how they can approach the problems about their children’s education. The district is providing free transportation for the immigrant children and they have the option of remaining in the same school even after their families have relocated. The information does not reach out to its target audience, Critics had stated that the information and data get lost due to error in translation and ignorance. 

The unfulfilled promises are causing disbelief amongst the asylum-seekers 

The district of Chicago had also started to provide yellow bus service that aids to the unfortunate children who are finding their home and trying to to be educated. The bus service system also posed a lot of questions. District had arranged for buses but it did not arrange for licensed drivers to drive the buses. Such half hearted efforts and failure to fulfill the promises had created a sense of disbelief amongst the immigrant families. They are demanding proper resources so that they can have a better life in the new country and they can afford proper education for their children so that they can secure their future.

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