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Scandal Followed Willis As Charges Demanded For Her Deposition, Judge Paused The Decision Until February

A divorce case elevated to a scandal

Scandals seemed to have a strong grip on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. This Monday, in Georgia court serious charges were filed against her, accusing her of being involved in an “inappropriate romantic relationship” with a top prosecutor. The charges demanded her deposition but the judge in the justice court had put a pause in the process.

The connected prosecutor and accusations against him

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade had already been presenting himself in court regarding a divorce case that he had been fighting with his wife. The scandal related to his personal life saw limelight when one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, accused the prosecutor of having an extramarital affair with Willis. He criticized both Wade and Willis for using their positions to hide their actions which were “fatally defective”.

The wife’s perspective

Wade’s divorce case with her former wife, Jocelyn began in the year of 2021. Jocelyn’s lawyer, Andrea Hastings had mentioned some interesting facts about the relationship between Wade and Willis. She claimed that Willis possessed “unique knowledge” about the marriage between Wade and Jocelyn. She also mentioned that Willis is going to exploit the estranged wife using her position when it comes to the division of marital assets.


What Willis had to say

Willis’s lawyer, Cinque Axam, spoke in Willis’ defense this Monday morning. You’ve got two partners in the case, one who is alleged to have some extramarital affair with Ms. Willis,” Axam argued, “If that is the case — if that is true, [Wade] has that information”. He also added, “There are other means by which that information can be achieved in this case”.

Willis’s lawyer also denied the claim of any financial association or assistance between Wade and Willis. He mentioned that Willis would never be willing to share her details like a bank account with any other person and she had never kept track of how much money Wade was spending.

Wife presented significant documents

Wade’s estranged wife has taken a stand against these denials. She had presented some documents in court this Monday. The documents contained some bank statements that appeared to show flights to San Francisco and Miami. This investigation was assisted by Trump and some of his allies so that they could back Jocelyn up.

The ruling is yet to be done

Judge Henry Thompson had not reached any solid conclusion. He said that without any information from Wade, it is impossible to conduct the hearing any further. He put a pause on the discussion and stated that the court could not depose Willis unless all the allegations against her were proven true. The trial is still ongoing. Thompson expressed,” Only after I hear what Mr. Wade has to say “do I think I can decide of whether the proposed opponent has any unique knowledge about these issues”. The next hearing of the case is set to be in February.

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