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Roomated Accused of Mercilessly Killing Their Pet Dog in North Cambria

A gruesome incident shocked Pennsylvania to its core as the brutality of human nature presented itself at its cruelest form. Two individuals accused of killing their pet dog are charged for animal cruelty, animal neglect and aggravated felony. The violent nature of the crime committed had bled multiple hearts as the unfortunate dog was reported to be found dead with a “slit-throat” and a “severed head”. Animal lovers pray that the law enforcement officials will help to bring proper justice to the deceased innocent creature. 

Reporting of the Incident

On October 11, the decayed dead body of the dog was found. After being called, an officer was dispatched for the Northern Cambria Borough to properly look into the situation. When he reached there, he found the body in a very decomposed state and the basement room where the body was kept was full of maggots and feces. The dire situation made him question the residents there. One of the residents who arrived at the crime scene just after the police had reached, named Sara Galla claimed that she had no idea that a dog’s dead body was decomposing in her basement. The 28 year old resident added that she did not have any kind of pet dog. 

The accused initially denied any familiarity with the dog 

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Sara lived with a roommate. 24 year old Devon Ilmer was staying away from the resident as he was a college student. He was called and asked questions about the situation. He initially refused that he knew the dog and denied any responsibilities. Police found their behavior suspicious and they delved deeper into the investigation, paying attention to the minute details. It was later found out that the dog was indeed Ilmar’s pet dog and Sara was given the responsibility to look after the pet. Upon confrontation, Ilmer accepted the ownership of the dog, named Myles and claimed that he had last seen him in August before leaving for college. 

The accused pair

Further investigation uncovered the truth

After questioning both Sara and Ilmer separately, Police got to know that Ilmer often used to facetime Sara to “check on” the dog. Police also recovered chats between the two where in the first week of October, Ilmer sent a text to Sara declaring that Myles was dead. Officers found discrepancies in the frequencies of facetimes answered by both the parties. Upon contacting the property owner, who lives in Washington currently, Police got to know that Sara contacted the property owner threatening her and during this conversation she also admitted to killing the dog. 

Current verdict 

After being found to be guilty for the murder of the innocent dog, Ilmer now sits in Columbia County Prison with a bail amount of  $100,000. Sara was also taken into custody by police officers and was charged for similar crimes. She is being held with a bail amount of  $50,000. The officers in charge of the case expressed their condolences about the departed dog who innocently trusted its caregivers. They stated that such a crime is heartbreaking and should never go overlooked or unpunished. 

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