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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author Robert Kiyosaki Urges Supporters To ‘Flirt’ and Engage in The World of Crypto

Robert Toru Kiyosaki is a famous Japanese American businessman and author who gained popularity across the globe after he published a finance book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” The book is, even today, considered to be one of the best personal finance books available to the common masses.

Through his work and public appearances as an entrepreneur and author, Kiyosaki has been very vocal about the importance of people (especially those who are a part of the middle class) starting their own businesses and earning independently as an entrepreneur instead of stubbornly sticking to traditional approaches of making an income. In addition to this, he is also an active promoter of people creating new jobs that would inadvertently give other people a chance to secure employment for themselves.

The Bitcoin Era 

In a recent turn of events the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” took to X (previously known as Twitter) and appealed to his followers to actively participate in the world of Bitcoin. He has asked his followers to closely monitor the forthcoming Bitcoin and make attempts to understand the Bitcoin market. In his post, Kiyosaki highlighted the importance of Bitcoin in the upcoming years, appealing his followers to look out for a “fast approaching Bitcoin halving.”

He also went ahead and expressed his opinion of how in order to uplift oneself economically in our current society, it is important for us to have “rich friends” or at least friends/people who wish to be rich one day and are working towards it. The importance of an influential social circle and an approach towards modern streams of income like Bitcoin is essential.

The Bitcoin Halving 2024 mentioned by Kiyosaki is an event where the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions is cut in half. This event holds significant importance for existing Bitcoin users (and especially for those who wish to enter the Bitcoin market) since this halving reduces the rate of newly created Bitcoins by half. According to reports, this event and halving is scheduled to happen once every four years.

The Future Money 

Kiyosaki has not been afraid to outwardly express his support for Bitcoin. In October 2023, Kiyosaki again took to public forum and expressed how in the near future, Bitcoin holders will experience a major hike in their revenue, seeing that the Federal Reserve might make a shift in monetary policy and in Kiyosaki’s words “begins to print more money.” Kiyosaki has often taken to his social media handles and vocalized how people who are invested in the Bitcoin market are more likely to achieve real wealth in comparison to those he believes are “fake money savers.”

He sees the Bitcoin market as a long-term investment and commitment rather than a source of income that can be taken up as short-term trading or a side hustle. In one of his public posts, Kiyosaki said: “If the price of Bitcoin drops further, I will be excited rather than nervous.”

In recent years, the award-winning author has been very vocal about Bitcoin as a source of stable income. He has voiced his concern about the recurring warnings given by financial experts and analysts, of an unavoidable economic downturn in the United States. Thus, Kiyosaki has incessantly advised his followers to enter the world of Bitcoin, since amidst a financial crisis, the preservation of an individual’s finances/assets/capital could be assured through the possession of gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

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