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Resurfaced Sexual Assault Case Ticking Trump Off

A decade-old case of sexual assault allegations by E. Jean Carroll against former President Donald Trump has got him cornered as the new trial has been scheduled for later this month.


The Allegation

Jean Carroll has publicly accused Trump of sexually assaulting her at a Manhattan Departmental Store in the 1990s. Carroll is a well-known columnist as well as an author and has mentioned the assault in her memoir published in 2019. According to her, the incident occurred in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room. However, Trump denies the allegations and calls them “false and defamatory.”


Carol described her encounter with Trump to be a feeling of companionship at first as she accompanied him in search of a gift for his friend, however, it became abusive and violent when Trump shoved her against a wall and raped her. 

Caroll had first filed a lawsuit against Trump in 2019 as the incident had hampered her reputation and defamed her. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed due to Trump’s political power as the President of the U.S. His presidential status pardoned him from the charges as he was immune to civil lawsuits.

However, Caroll sued Trump twice, once for the dismissed case of defamation and second for the controversial statement he made in 2022 after leaving office. The second lawsuit won Carroll $5 Million as the evidence was in a tape which determined Trump’s sexual assault and his defaming statement about her.

Trump and his Legal Team Cornered

The next trial scheduled for Jan 16, would only be for the amount Trump has to pay Caroll for sexually abusing her and using his presidential power to silence the case. His lawyer, Michael Madaio, has tried to prove the 38 clips to be baseless and irrelevant as Trump’s appearance for the trial would serve the purpose.  Despite the continuous efforts by Trump’s legal team to bring up already settled arguments and pieces of evidence regarding the assault and the “Access Hollywood” tape, Judge Kaplan indicated these tactics to be worthless. He called these “a motion for reconsidering” and nothing more.

Trump has been dealing with a web of legal issues these recent months. He has been facing multiple trials ranging from accusations of manipulating his company’s property to gain loans; to mishandling crucial documents and giving tips to porn star Stormy Daniels silencing her before the 2016 elections; and the ongoing Carroll trial.


The case at hand, deals with various issues like sexual assault and the dominance of political power in such sensitive matters. The coming trial would define the future of survivors of such high-profile assault cases. If the trial favors Carroll, then it would set a benchmark, refraining from such misconduct by high profiles in the future. If the jury finds Trump not liable, it would discourage the survivors from getting justice.

Nevertheless, the determination of Carroll to get justice and fight against a powerful political personality is all in all bravery. Despite being on edge, she fought two trials which led to Trump’s appeal to postpone the January trial, which included his questionable protection by absolute immunity for the remarks he made, being rejected by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan.


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