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Republican Candidate Steve Garvey Slowly Gains Support amongst the Californian Voters as He Extends his Campaign to Bay Area

According to a newly released poll, the senate seat which was once held with an iron grip by Dianne Feinstein is slowly slipping away. Former baseball star turned Republican political candidate Steve Garvey is quickly climbing the ladder, and is currently at the second position in the political race.

According to the California primary race, the two candidates who have managed to gain the most votes will directly go on to the upcoming November election regardless of which political party they were associated with. This poll, which was released in Thursday by the Emerson College, reflected where the four top political players currently stand in the race.

The ‘Californian Arena’

This poll also revealed that an approximate of 25% of respondents of the poll said they supported Adam Schiff, which reveals why the political candidate has managed to be one of the top front runners in the race. Following Adam Schiff in the second position is Steve Garvey, with an approximate of 18% respondents supporting him.

Democratic candidates Katie Porter and Barbara Lee currently stand in 3rd and 4th position respectively. Katie Porter holds the support of approximately 13% respondents/voters, while Barbara Lee holds about 8%. All of these top runners are currently preoccupied with their election campaigns with Garvey recently meeting with members of the Bay Area Jewish community, a community who currently resides at the Chabad of the Tri Valley, to discuss about the impacts of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. A lot of political experts and observers have analyzed that it is because of political moves like this that Garvey’s popularity has skyrocketed recently.

The Republican Sweep of Votes 

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war has been a topic that has been kept on the backburner amidst the 2024 US election campaigns. Not a lot of Democrat politicians have talked about this issue, however, many Republican politicians have come forward and openly discussed the issue, which has magnificently shifted the political arena, with many Californian voters shifting their focus from the Democrats to the Republicans.

Members and prominent leaders at the Chabad of the Tri-valley publicly appreciated Garvey’s attempt to reach out to them and talk about the ongoing war. Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, who is a member of the group, acknowledged that Garvey was the first candidate who had reached out to them to discuss about the Israel-Hamas war. He, and several other members of the group, were thankful to Garvey since he was ready to listen to “both sides of the story,” instead of sticking to the popular narrative as a lot of politicians have done.


Despite Garvey’s increasing popularity and support, the politician still needs to work hard for the upcoming elections. Although almost 25% of the Californian voters are registered Republicans, the newly released poll has clearly shown that Garvey’s supporters are no where near the 25% mark.


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