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“Relentless Reflection:” Relentless Search for Actors and Actresses continues as Movie Producers Turn gears to Launch the New Hollywood Horror Film.

Movie producers have released a notice, asking available actors and actresses to come forward and audition for an upcoming horror movie. According to the limited information provided by the movie producers, this upcoming film is expected to deliver a promising storyline, with an additional advantage of paying the actors and actresses involved, handsomely. Movie producers of this upcoming film are looking forward to filling various roles in the film, more specifically, that of the lead character who goes by the name of Mallory Devlin.

According to the details released to the public about the film, Mallory Devlin is a woman is addicted to killing. In order to stop herself from committing such a heinous act, she isolates herself from the human society by deciding to live in the forest. However, the more she isolates herself from others, the stronger these urges to kill get.

An Upcoming Horror, Thriller 

Seed&, a popular crowdsourced film and TV studio in America, also covered this movie. The film company labeled Mallory’s urges to kill as her biggest weapon against her human desire to have connections and interactions with other human beings. The company also brought to light how, throughout the movie, as Malory struggles to control her obsession with killing, she encounters a father and daughter who appear to have some secrets of their own, and maybe, just maybe, she can find the answers that she has been looking for without it ending in bloodshed. released information regarding the making of the movie. It was reported that the movie will be filmed on evenings and nights between February 19th, to February 23rd, with the finalized filing locations to be approximately 35 minutes outside Albany. The film will be known as “Relentless Reflection.”

Movie producers are looking forward to receiving audition requests from Albany, Pittsfield, Berkshire, and Stephentown, with the payment being anywhere from $125 to $175 dollars per day. Roles available for the film are as follows:

Available Characters and Requirements

Mallory Devlin

When it comes to the lead character of the movie, movie producers are looking for a female actor who is between the ages of 26 to 36. The selected actress must truly understand, and portray, the moral complexity of Mallory’s character, in addition to being available to shoot at late hours of the night.

Actresses of all ethnicities can audition for Mallory’s role, the only requirement being that the actress must submit a headshot/photo of hers, in addition to an introductory video reel, prior to her audition.

Evelynn Samson

To fill Evelynn’s role, movie producers are looking for a female actor who is between the ages of 18-25. Evelyn is expected to be an angsty teenager with a hidden manipulative side who underwent a lot of trauma in her formative years.

The actress portraying Evelynn should also be comfortable working late hours at night, in addition of providing a headshot/photo and an introductory video prior to her audition. Actresses of all ethnicities can audition for this role.

Corey Samson

Producers are looking for a male between the ages of 38-48 to fill Corey’s role. Cory is the father of Evelynn, who remains in constant fear of losing his daughter due to her reckless actions. The male actor must also be willing to stay behind and film late into the night. Actors of all ethnicities can audition for Corey’s role. Interested candidates will also be asked to submit a headshot/photo, along with an introductory video reel prior to their audition.

Based on the casting call, the total pay for the 3 selected actor and actresses could range anywhere from $625 to $875 for 5 days of work. Additional expenses like travel, lodging, copy, and meals will be provided to the selected actor ad actresses.

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