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Rare Dime’s Value Skyrocketed to 19,200 Dollars, The “satin smooth” Finish Amazes the Admirers

Rare coin was found

Rare coins that had once been of negligible value in an older social and economical setting are often discovered in unexpected sites and then the value of those coins skyrocket so that a private collector or a museum can claim ownership of that coin. Recently a coin, that dated back to 1860, was discovered in a former battle site. The coin originally held a monetary value of only 10 cents but the auctionary listing announced that the value of the coin can go up to almost 19,200 dollars. 

Worth of the coin

The appearance of the coin significantly contributes to the high value of the coin. In the first glance, the coin seemed to be just another worthless dirt lying on the soil but upon closer examination one can identify the lustrous features it held. On one side of the coin, there is a symbol of liberty sitting on a shield. The design on the coin is extremely intricate and the attention to details is praiseworthy. On the other side of the coin, the word “ONE DIME” is written and details of tree branches can be seen surrounding the words. Such unique features make this dime a priceless and sought after antique piece. Heritage Auction website informed that the coin was made out of a rare metal and it had a “satin smooth” finishing. 

The dime

Coin collectors are going crazy over the discovery

The “coin craze” has another fancy name that was given by the coin collectors, called numismatics. The enthusiasts who enjoy the art of collecting coins are commonly known as numismatists. They enjoy unraveling the untold stories that the coins hide with themselves. They study each and every intricate detail of the coin so that they can get to know about the lifestyles and socio economic settings of several historical periods. Coins are of great importance for archaeologists also. They can get to know a lot about the society and traditions of a particular time period from a coin. Coins are also frequently used in deeper study of history. 

Museums are also joining the race

The museums are also significantly interested in collecting such rare coins. They love to preserve the history that the coins represent with great sincerity and care. The coins are displayed in the museums for educational purposes, so that the younger generation gets to know about the major accomplishments of their ancestors. The coins also represent the cultural diversity and represent how private properties were sold and bought and what were the regular practices regarding that. The public display of rare coins helps the onlookers to delve deeper into the details of social, economical and cultural studies. 

Thus, the finding of the rare coin had opened up multiple discussions. Both private collectors and museums all over the world had shown interest in obtaining the coin. It has brought forward discussion about the significance of preserving history through collecting such rare symbols that carry beautiful stories with them. The auctionary website that is currently responsible for the well being of the coin had announced that the safety of the coin is their utmost priority and they would make sure that the coin ends up in a deserving hand. 

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