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Quarrel with NYPD after Workers Arrived to fill a Tunnel at a Jewish Center in Brooklyn

Crews Showed up to fill the unknown tunnel

A Hasidic Jewish Center experienced a chaotic scene unfold before them in New York City on Monday afternoon. A secret tunnel had been dug under the synagogue in the building. The crews showed up to fill it up, hence, the situation unfolded. Crews brought multiple cement trucks to begin the process at the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

The construction of tunnel was unknown

The construction of the tunnel took lots of months, even though the the reason to do so is still a secret. It made its way to another facility which is located around the corner. The facility I’d closed at the moment. The use of the building is also unknown. The neighbors used to hear random noises at night. A neighbor complained about these suspicious noises in early December. The identity of the reporter has not been disclosed. No one is aware of the start date of the construction of the tunnel.

There had been a long battle for control of the headquarters building fought by the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and synagogue leadership. There was a huge number of Chabad students of different age groups ranging from teens to early twenties, who tried to make a last stand so that they could block the crews from filling the tunnel.

“Extremist Students”

Rabbi Motti Seligson, the spokesman of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement called the students who had broken through some walls in the properties adjacent to the synagogue, “extremist students”.

The chaos was a lot to handle and NYPD was called to restore order. Paneling was ripped down from the wall so that the hole can be exposed and furniture was overturned when the police roamed around the building as seen in the videos shared on social media. The protesters even took the step to stand inside the hole so that the hole can not be filled by the crews.

People seen escaping

One hole was cut in a street-level metal grate outside the building, and one person was seen escaping through that hole and running away. This all can be seen in the videos shared.

NYPD officers were seen arresting several people. In a statement to The Messenger, police said “a number of individuals were taken into custody” but an exact number was not available. The charges are still pending and no one was hurt during the protest and the bringing jack of order.

Steps taken by the officials

City officials were not alerted about the tunnel even after it was discovered by the officials. Even though there was no permit to pour the concrete inside the tunnel, yet the step was taken on Tuesday. The spokesperson of the Department of Buildings informed The Messenger through an email. The NYPD requested the department to be present on the scene on Tuesday morning as the inspectors were going to be present there by 10 a.m.

The chairman of the Chabad-Lubavitch, Rebbi Yehuda Krinsky, stated on Tuesday that it was “pained by the vandalism of a group of young agitators who damaged the synagogue below Chabad Headquarters.”

He also requested for their actions to be investigated so that the sanctity of the synagogue is restored. They even thanked the NYPD for being processional and sensitive to the issue.

As stated in the tweet that was shared on X, the officials of Lubavitch have decided to make an attempt so that they can gain a proper control of the premises through the New York State court system. The process has been dragged ok for years.

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