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Protecting the Electoral College and keeping up its Standards

What is the Electoral College

The Electoral College is a part of the Presidential Election Process in America. It is composed of electors who each cast one electoral vote. It follows the voting that happens in the general elections. According to the Electoral College, each state gets a fixed number of electors which is decoded through its total number of representatives in Congress. This also reflects the population in that state. There are 538 electoral votes and the candidate with the most votes wins. Hence, the states with more than 270 votes have their victories prioritized instead of most direct votes nationwide.

Hamilton’s Views

The Founding Fathers of America came up with the process of setting up the government through the Federalist Papers. The paper consists of 85 essays. It was written under the pseudonym “Publius”. It was the pen name for Alexander Hamilton, who was the first secretary of the Treasury, along with James Madison, who was the fourth president, and, John Jay, who was the first Chief Justice.

The Electoral College was described in Federalist 68 and stated that the way the President is elected is not perfect, but is at least excellent. As stated, this was designed to promote a “detached and divided situation that will expose them much less to heat and ferments.” According to Hamilton, this ensured the candidates would enter the field without any sinister bias. Moral certainty is provided. He believed that this is a way through which no man with ill intentions would enter without requisite qualifications. This was a way to give everyone the faith that candidates true to their virtue are given a chance.

We all know how Joe Biden’s victory was a fraud. The vision of the founding fathers was undermined after 234 years they ensured that they were confident in their ways of electing the President. Even though Special Council Jack Smith is still conducting his investigation, the local American public has been made aware of the details of the fake elector’s plan.


Fake Elector’s Plan

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are the seven states that claim that Trump had won their electoral votes. This was later found out to be fake as slates of fake GOP were found there. This plan was based on a fake legal theory. Vice President Mike Pence was called to swap official electors with an alternate slate during the certification process. Hence, the outcome of the Electoral College was changed along with the overall winner of the Presidential elections.

According to the testimony, Trump knew about the fake elector’s plan. According to CNN, the fake elector’s certificates were stuck in the mail. These copies were flown to Washington D.C. This was done by Trump campaign operatives. The operatives were considered chartering a jet and hence, the files reached the capital on time for Jan 6, 2021.


By the end of 2022, the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Improvement Act was investigated, which indeed declared Biden as the President. This Act strengthens the institution of the Electoral College. There is no promise that the event of 6 Jan will not occur again.

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