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Pregnant Woman Anbducted by a Texas Rapper found in the most Heart-breaking Condition

Texas rapper abducted a woman from the streets

A pregnant woman had gone missing four to five years ago. A Texas rapper and real estate broker has been arrested for supposedly kidnapping the pregnant woman. He had been hiding her in his garage for years. The man has been identified to be Lee Carter. The 52-year-old is known by the name of Viper. He was formally charged on Thursday. A report had been filed to the Houston police at Viper’s home last year. A report of kidnapping was made and the police responded to it. The woman told the officers who found her at the house, that she had been trapped.

The woman was abducted by the man four to five years ago while she was pregnant. She had been panhandling on the street when the incident took place. Viper approached the woman to give her $1. He later asked her if she needed any kind of help. After that, he told her to get in the car. The woman was in a very vulnerable state and did not have a sense of better judgment. With the hope of finding a better place and improving her situation, she got into the car.

Her living conditions

After she arrived at Viper’s home, she was immediately locked inside his garage. Viper abused the woman. She was forced to take drugs and was raped several times by the rapper. He only fed her chips and snacks and was nothing but brutal with her. Viper’s home was always empty, no other human other than him resided there. He did fight with other women sometimes because the abducted woman used to overhear the arguments between them. She used to beg him to let her go. She even attempted to run away from the miserable house, but all her efforts went in vain.

Once the fire department and police personnel arrived at Viper’s home. The woman saw this as a window of opportunity for escaping. She broke a window in the garage and crawled out of there. However, she ended up going to the hospital. Viper picked her up there and took her back to his home. Her escape plan failed terribly.

How the police found the woman

She contacted the police through the communication platform TextNow. She was allowed to use Viper’s laptop and she wanted to leave that place as soon as possible. She was found in a miserable condition by the police. The poor woman weighed only 70 pounds and had not taken a shower for two months. The garage she lived in had a makeshift toilet that did not flush and she slept on a filthy mattress that had fresh vomit on it. Nobody knows what happened to the baby. Whether he was born alive or not, and whether is he currently living or not.

The neighbors told the police that Viper had always lived a life of filth and shame.  He used to have three women in his residence. He also owned multiple homes where he used to keep his other women. He never respected women and described them as “ungrateful” because they always demanded “more food and drugs.”  The disgusting rapper has more than a million views on his songs on YouTube.

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