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Possible ‘Racially Motivated’ Brawls Erupted in Minnesota High School

Series of brawl in Minnesota High School

A series of brawls were caught on video. They erupted in and outside of a Minnesota High School which led to the cancellation of the classes for the rest of the day. Two adults have been arrested for the same and a probe into whether the fights were “racially motivated,” as reported by the officials.

Near the end of the school day on Thursday, the mayhem began. The incident took place at St. Louis Park High School in suburban Minneapolis. There was an initial “physical altercation” between two groups of students, as stated by the school district.


Adults outside the school got involved in the fight

That initial clash was broken up by teachers and other school staffers. However, the main event took place when adults outside the school became aware of the fight and showed up at the school. They got involved in additional fights with students, the district said.

A video compilation has been posted on X, formerly known by the name of Twitter, by the account @CrimeWatchMpls. There one can see parts of three different brawls, one inside the school and two outside.

The school’s environment was chaotic

The video opens with chaos in the school’s hallway. Then several apparent students can be seen shoving each other as staffers try to restore order and call for them to “break it up!” The video is filled with profanities throughout.

At least two youths can be seen lying on the floor in the video. At one point a student can be seen lunging on top of another one and throwing multiple punches. After that, you can see the school’s parking lot in the video, where one person can be seen picking up another and flipping them onto the asphalt. The third segment continues to more shoving near a parked car.

Two women, 41-year-old Latoys Milon and 22-year-old Abreeha Smith have been arrested by the police officials. However, they have been ultimately released without being formally charged.

The fight might be “race-motivated”

@CrimeWatchMpls claimed, that they have been told that the fight was racially motivated and stated that the brawls were “Black vs Somali.” The statement given by the school said that they were “gathering information to know the motive behind the fight. It even included learning whether the incidents were racially motivated. The classes for Friday were canceled.

However, Milon denied that the fight was unrelated to race. She was just looking out for her daughter as she was repeatedly punched.

All she was thinking about was getting to her daughter. Her daughter needed help. However, the way the police are trying to make it look is like Milon and the other people who were arrested are the bad guys. The fight had nothing to do with race.

Milon’s daughter, Sanaiah, said that she was jumped by another student. She clarified that she had argued with that student months prior.

She got punched again and again from all sides. Then one student grabbed her by the neck and Sanaiah was tossed on the floor. All she could feel at that moment were kicks and punches.

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