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Peter Crombie, Known As The Crazy Joe, Departed At The Age of 71

Peter Crombie passed away

The entertainment community mourns with grief as another star had been snatched away by an untimely death. According to the report provided by TMZ Peter Crombie, who was widely known for his role as “Crazy Joe Davola” in Seinfeld, had taken his last breath at the age of 71. He played a recurring fan favorite character who had a unique sense of humor and craziness which made the role wildly attractive to all the audience of the show. 

The actor was defeated by a long-term illness

According to the statement given by Nadine Kijner. The actor had been battling against some sort of illness. After a long battle he finally succumbed to the unknown disease and left the world behind him. The rest of the details about the cause and time of his death were not disclosed by the authorities for public knowledge. 

The role that was widely known

The famous role of “Crazy Joe” came to be very popular amongst the fans for the acting talent and undeniable charisma of Peter. He was satting in almost 5 episodes of the season 4 of the famous show called “Seinfeld”. His character was seen threatening and stalking the protagonist Jerry Seinfield as he always had to check behind his back to look out for Joe. For an instance his character was also shown to be dating Elaine. 

Peter as crazy Joe

Other works where he shined bright

His fame and talent was not only bound to “Seinfeld”. Peter acted in movies like”My Dog Skip,” “Natural Born Killers,” “The Blob,” “Se7en” and “Rising Sun,” “Born on the Fourth of July”, and many more. He was seen working for television more than big screen, he had played several memorable roles and guest roles in some of the biggest running television shows. 

In addition to that, Peter had also worked in “House of Frankenstein” … as well as guest starring roles on TV shows like “NYPD Blue,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Law & Order,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Spenser: For Hire,” “L.A. Law,” “L.A. Firefighters” and lots of others. He had 35 acting credits under his name and he finally bid goodbye to his acting career in the year of 2000. 

Friends and family remember him with love and respect 

His ex-wife remembers him as a very nice and caring gentleman. She said that he was always there for his friends and families whenever needed and he never said anything negative about anyone. His friend Bill Stetz stated that he was one of the most loyal friends he ever came across. Both of them hoped that Peter was in a better place now. 

Peter with his ex-wife

Fans are hurt and grieving the loss

The fans and admirers were deeply hurt by the sudden bad news. They expressed their condolences to the grieving family members and they are arranging for a memorial to remember the amazing actor. Peter will be always remembered by the spectacular job he had done as an actor and how naturally he used to bring a fictional character to life. May he rest in peace.

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