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Personal Purchase of Propane Tanks Are Banned in Two States, Will It Strike Texas Too ?

Grilling is in danger
What is better than a bright sunny day and the smell of grilled delicious food wafting through your backyard? Grilling signifies the onslaught of festivity where friends and families get together to enjoy a lazy afternoon with delicious grilled foods that just melt in your mouth and fill your heart with joy. Nothing compares to the feeling of throwing some hotdogs, stakes, and homemade kebab on a grill oven till the flames cook the food perfectly. Grill chefs commonly use two types of grill ovens. The ovens fueled by propane are often preferred by chefs who like to control their temperature better, and the charcoal ovens are better for people who like more smoky taste in their charred foods. But what if someone tells you that you can not operate your propane-fueled grills anymore because the government has banned the buying of single-tank propane for personal use?

New York and California obey the new law
Yes, the nightmare of grill lovers is turning into a reality in at least two states of America. New York and California had witnessed the enforcement of laws against buying propane for personal use and gas appliances. There are many households where cooking is majorly dependent on the usage of gas appliances. Now, enforcing this law is troubling these people as they are being forced to change their kitchen appliances and make sure that the appliances are electrically charged. This sudden change has become a cause of adding extra cost and burden on the households. The usage of propane-fueled devices is not banned, just that you would not be able to purchase gas tanks from the states to refill your device.

Propane Grill

What does the law state?
California Senate Bill 1256 stated that people would not be able to legally purchase propane tanks for personal use from January 1, 2028 onwards. The “banned” propane tank is defined as a “disposable propane tank”, weighing approximately two pounds after being filled with propane, containing the designation of “DOT 39” from the United States Department of Transportation. The disposable propane tanks would not include tanks that contain less than 15 ounces of fuel and are generally used in the construction industry. Cylinders that have a product height-to-width ratio of 3.55 to 1 or greater are also being left out of consideration.

Propane Tank

What would be the Penalty?
The two states of America had also announced penalties for anybody who would be seen purchasing single and disposable propane tanks after the mentioned date. It was announced that if anybody was found violating the law then the city attorney or city counsel would have the power to impose civil liability on the accused and they can claim a penalty of 500 dollars per day from the violator on the first illegal usage. If the person is found to be disobeying the law for a second time, the penalty money would go up to 1000 dollars per day. The amount would become 2000 dollars per day with the third and other subsequent violations of the law. The penalty money had to be paid to the City counsel whichever brought the call of action upon the violator.

Will it come to Texas?
Now the question remains should the people from Texas be cautious about the law and start preparing in case this law strikes Texas too? It was a question of minor concern but it was addressed by the Texas government in 2023. The Governor in charge, Gregg Abbott had reportedly signed a Bill 2017, which clearly stated that the usage of refillable natural gas for motor vehicles and households would be strictly banned.

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