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Parents Are Raising Concerns Against The Transfer of Immigrants and Asylum-seekers To The School Grounds

The parents of New York are visibly growing frustrated as the schools continue to shelter thousands of immigrants at the school buildings due to the weather alert that is concerning the state. On Tuesday, around 2000 homeless immigrants were transferred to the James Madison High School grounds from their temporary shelter at an abandoned airfield called Floyd Bennett Field. The school is situated around 5 miles away from the Borough in Brooklyn. Several transportations were seen carrying the immigrants and asylum-seekers in groups from the shelter that they call “temporary home”.

Immigrants are being transferred to the school

The immigrants and the asylum seekers were permitted to spend the night at the school grounds and it was announced that they will be taken back to their shelter at the Floyd Bennett Field before 5 am on Wednesday Morning. The authorities had taken such a measure as there had been a serious flood warning on Tuesday, The shelter where these homeless people are staying had been flooded once, leading to massive losses of the people who already could not afford much. On Tuesday, the weather forecasters had alarmed citizens that there is going to be heavy rainfall and the speed of the strong wind would exceed 70 miles per hour. The school ground decided to allow the less fortunate so that they do not sustain any more damages. 

Parents are fuming

However these activities had hampered the usual school activities. The teachers were requested to shift their respective classes to a virtual mode so that students do not miss out the lessons. Some parents are infuriated by the decisions that the school had taken. According to one of the parents, who identified himself as Rob stated his concern. He said that the authorities are shifting the homeless immigrants and using the flood as an excuse. He believed that the school ground was going to be turned into a permanent shelter for the less fortunates. 

Parents express their concerns

Another woman, who is also one of the parents, was seen in a video posted on social media. She was seen screaming at the transportation carrying the immigrants in that video. The decision of the authority had made the parents restless and they grew worried about the safety and wellbeing of their children. Other than James Madison, there are several other schools which are housing homeless people in their commonrooms and gym area. The parents had complained that kids as young as four years old play around there and these immigrants are proving to be a bad influence on them. 

The authority had still not responded to the complaints and concerns raised by the parents. They had prioritized the well being of the immigrants that had been seeking the assistance of the government. Other than that, due to the growing bad conditions, the citizens are also alarmed and advised to postpone any plan of travels. They are also being requested to keep first aid box and other essentials handy to take care of any situation before the rescue team or low enforcement officials reach the spot.

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