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Out of Road Rage, Car Driver Crashed into A Snow Plow Truck in New York

Attempts to outpace a snowplow came out to be costly for a vehicle as it crashed trying to get on the 90 in the New York State. As the United States of America embraced its first snowfall and the residents started enjoying building snowmen after waiting for a long warm winter, the snow plow trucks are back on the streets to remove the ice sheets from the important streets so that the drivers are safe during their drives.
The car hit a snow plow truck
The snow plow in question was busy doing its job outside of Rochester when the accident took place. Bystanders informed that the car was following the plow truck for quite some time and after some time it started speeding up so that it could outpace the truck. After that, in a moment of impulsiveness, the driver turned the steering wheel and the car directly crashed into the plow trucks. Plow trucks are generally huge vehicles equipped with multiple devices and the body of the plow truck was built with strong metals. When the crash happened the driver was lucky enough to be able to apply brakes before crashing as his car sustained manageable damage after crashing into the truck.

No casualties reported
After the accident, eyewitnesses and locals rushed to the accident spot and started the rescue process. Police were informed soon after that and they arrived at the accident scene. The driver was in shock when he was assisted to a nearby hospital. After his medical evaluation, the doctors announced that he did not sustain any major injury. Reports stated that he is still mentally recovering from the aftermath of the accident. Police had advised him not to repeat such reckless behavior next time because if he ever tries to outrace a plow truck ever again then it would not be the truck that will suffer the consequences.
The job of a snow plow truck
As per a report on the New York Thruway website, after the city was covered by a thick blanket of snow caused by the recent severe hailstorm, a large fleet of snow plows are running on the streets trying to maintain the safety of the citizens. As of now, there are 260 large plow trucks, 11 tow plows, and 142 smaller plows operating on the road. The average speed of a plow truck is 35 miles per hour, which is lower than the posted speed limit on the street but the plow trucks need a lot of space when they operate on the roads, That is why law enforcement officials suggested that the drivers should maintain safe distance while driving on the same road as a plow truck

Snow plow truck

Response of the authority
The drivers of the plow truck are responsible for making sure that the salt and sand that are being scattered on the roads to melt the snow away, must remain on the road and disperse instead of staying inside the lens. The New York State Department of Transportation put up a public post on Facebook stating that the citizens should be thankful to the hard-working men and women who get out in the middle of the night just to make sure the drivers get a safe and clear road in the morning. They said that these drivers should be treated with respect and the incident that happened out of road rage is embarrassing and demeaning to the plow truckers.

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