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North Texas’ First Snow of the Winter and more on the Way: A High-Risk Weather Report

North Texas, mainly the northernmost tip, has seen the first snowfall of 2024. According to the weather forecast, Texas might see more snow in the coming days.

The northernmost tip of Texas, known as the Panhandle, has been covered in snow on the night of Jan 4. More snow is expected in the cities of Dalhart and Channing which already are covered in nearly 3 inches of snow along with Amarillo, situated a little south of Panhandle, with an inch. 

The National Weather Forecast has issued a high-risk weather report for the weekend along with the next. National Weather Service metrologist in Amarillo, Steve Hannah, expected light snow showers for Jan 6, confirming the first snowfall of the area. 

He told MySA that it wasn’t uncommon for North Texas to receive snowfall at a later stage of winter, as the earlier winter months only saw subtle rain. Major developments are predicted to take place on Monday, as reported by the National Weather Service with “strong winds in excess of 35 mph,” expected by Monday afternoon.

However, the agency is unsure whether the storm would move towards Panhandle or directly hit Amarillo as of now, sharing the information through X. They are keeping the public updated while tracking the storm and issuing warnings for the same. 

What is a Low-pressure Area?

What they are certain about, is a low-pressure system- which has a lower pressure at its center than the surroundings, therefore the wind blows towards it and in the process the water vapor condenses, forming clouds and precipitation, moving across the Panhandle on Monday and Tuesday.

Winters in Panhandle

The Texas Panhandle on an average receives a large amount of snowfall compared to areas in the further east due to its high terrain. Amarillo, which is 3700 feet above sea level, has low temperatures, allowing heavy snowfall.

The Two Possible Predictions

The first prediction is the progression of the storm towards the northern tip of Panhandle resulting in less snowfall over Amarillo and other northern cities of Texas as Amarillo is situated at the south of Panhandle.

The second prediction is the advancement of the storm heading straight towards Panhandle which would bring heavy snowfall and harshly affecting the winter weather. Regardless of the two scenarios, Texas will definitely receive further snowfall along with strong winds.

Measures for the Harsh Winters 

The citizens of Texas need to always keep a track of the Agency’s guidelines and updates about the storm, along with downloading weather apps for local alerts. Keeping in mind the probability of less transportation, the citizens need to keep a stock of important supplies like groceries, water bottles, medications to last for several days.

Along with this they should avoid any outdoor activities when the storm hits as a safety measure. It becomes very important to stay alert during such natural happenings, as Texas is likely to be covered in snow and wind in the coming weeks.

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