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Non-White Voters Take the Neutral Ground for the Upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections

During a recent public interview, Michael Johnson, Jamila Jones and Yarelis Bogdanoff, or now referred to as “Republicans of color” have presented their side of the story to the media. The Iowa residents have given their justification of why they are “Republicans of color.”

In the Monday night’s caucuses, all three individuals backed a different candidate. Jones backed former President Donald Trump, while Bogdanoff backed the less-popular pastor Ryan Binkley.

Johnson on the other hand, had backed up Indian American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, but due to receiving poor response throughout this campaign, Ramaswamy recently announced that he is dropping out of the election race.

The “Non-White” Republicans 

The minority chunk of voters is known to not be a huge fan of the Republic Party, but still Democrat leader and current President Joe Biden is not being able to garner the required support from the non-white voters.

Ever since Biden took the office back in the year 2020, his approval ratings amongst the Black Americans have significantly dropped, with multiple political reports showcasing that the decrease was even greater amongst the Hispanic voters.

Johnson, while sitting for an interview with the famous news outlet ABC News, stated that although in recent years, the Republicans have done significant work to engage with the minority fraction of voters, there is still some room for improvement.

In addition to this, other non-white Republicans like Mary Campos and Wayne Ford are also working to educate other non-white voters (majority of whom are by default Democrats), about candidates from all existing US political parties.

Jones also addressed the label “voter of color” by stating that instead of being “voter of color” or “non-white Republicans,” they were just simple American voters. Jones confessed that “it’s not good” to be separated on the basis of labels.

However, many other voters disagree with Jones. RJ Miller, another individual who gave an interview to ABC news, said that even a simple task of filling a job application requires an individual to mention their race, or their ethnicity.

Thus, it is impossible for all American voters to completely eliminate their race or ethnicity and just simply be “American voters.”

Joe Biden Vs Donald Trump

Miller had previously voted for Barack Obama for president but as of recent, Miller is not very keen on supporting Biden as President for a second time. He said that for the upcoming 2024 elections, the Black vote stands neutral and is very honestly, up for grabs.

Miller confessed that, ever since Biden took to office, a common sentiment was shared by the Blacks across the nation. The Black community feels that their “vote got taken for advantage” during the 2020 presidential elections.

Although Miller said that not all non-white voters are default democrats, former President Donald Trump (a Republican) is still far from being considered a favorable candidate. Thus, a significant chunk of non-white voters has decided to take the middle ground for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

Miller, and many other non-white voters believe that even though many Republican leaders have initiated contact and engagement with the non-white population of the nation, there is still some hesitance in the Republican party that needs to be dissolved.

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