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New Variant Increases Fear: How to Identify The Symptoms

A new concern rises 

Another wave of fast spreading Corona virus raises concerns in several countries. After the holiday seasons got over, the virus spread faster than any of its other variants in New York. With the known symptoms, this also causes some unusual symptoms that can help to differentiate from the common cold. Experts are working on studying the nature of the virus properly to quicken the job of crafting a new Covid Vaccine. The newest variant of the pandemic causing virus is called JN-1 and it is now accountable for almost 15%-29% covid cases detected in New York city. 

What is JN-1

Doctors and experts commented that the JN-1 variant is a mutated descendent of BA.2.86, which is closely related to Omicron, the variant that is responsible for having the highest fatality rate in  early 2022. JN-1 is said to have spike proteins similar to the structure of Omicron. The structure of the spike protein plays an important role in determining the severity of the virus as the spike works as a key to enter the healthy cells in our body. Vaccines induce our immune systems to grow strangers and prevent these foreign proteins from entering the body cell. As the structure of the spike protein keeps changing, the vaccine becomes weaker for defending the body cells. 

What are the symptoms 

The symptoms and severity of the newest variant depends on the overall health and immunity system of an attacked individual. The victims of the new variant reported experiencing trouble in falling asleep. Their sleeping hours had been reduced by 10.8%. Most of the patients also included experiencing sudden changes in stress caused by anxiety. Patients reported that the flu increased their anxiety by 10.5%. Other than this, there are common symptoms as well like fever, bodyache, blocked or runny nose, headache, indigestion and diarrhea. Patients are advised to take ample amounts of rest and have lots of fluid intake to prevent the situation from getting worse. 

Where do we stand 

The JN-1 virus has spread in 41 countries already and the countries which have the fastest growing covid cases are France, the United States, Singapore, Canada etc. Experts made an observation that the covid cases are observing severe surges just after major holidays and at times when generally people travel outside their usual places and mingle with people outside their social networks. Preventions and measures are being taken as masks became mandatory in some schools and people are advised to go back to the old habits of sanitization that they took up 2 years ago. 

The experts do not think that this variant will be as severe and fatal as Omicron proved to be though they have alerted the general public to restrict their movements and increase precautions as the nature of the variant keeps changing continuously. They affirmed that the holidays need not to be canceled, but a little precaution would not harm anybody. Authorities reported that experts are working on a new vaccine and it would be available in the market by the end of next month. 

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