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New evidence’ found in Scott Peterson case as Innocence Project works to free him 21 years after pregnant wife’s death

Laci Peterson’s death

Laci Peterson was 27 years old when she went missing from California on Christmas Eve in 2002. Her husband Peterson, who is now 51 years old, is serving a life sentence in prison after he was found guilty of killing his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son.

Laci’s body was identified months later, in San Francisco, in April 2003. Peterson was charged with first-degree murder for his wife’s death and second-degree murder for their unborn son in 2004.

LA Innocent Project going to defend Peterson

Innocence Project, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles is now seeking evidence that may point to someone else as the true murderer. This profit is known for representing those people who could have been wrongly convicted or incarcerated. Missed details are uncovered and the child’s innocence is proven.

The paperwork was filed by the attorneys who work under this organization on Wednesday so that Peterson could be proven innocent. The court filings allege a “claim of actual innocence that is supported by newly discovered evidence.”

Peterson’s sister-in-law, Janey Peterson, believes there is a real shot at Peterson being found innocent.

The details of the evidence that could prove Peterson is not guilty have not been released by the LA Innocence Project yet.

Many items regarding the case missing

Items regarding Peterson’s case that they were not able to locate “after a thorough search, “have been requested by the authorities, as per the court filings. The director of the LA Innocence Project claims to have found deficiencies after Paula Mitchell reviewed Peterson’s case. She even requested to receive specific items that she mentioned from the post-conviction discovery.

The items include investigations into a December 2002 burglary that occurred at a house across the street from the Petersons’ along with the missing Croton watch that belonged to Laci, and a van fire in the Airport District on December 25, 2002, according to the filings.

Prosecutors argued in court that he dumped Laci’s body in the Berkeley Marina on Christmas Eve in 2004, and Peterson was found guilty. After that, a jury member claimed he tried to cover it up by making it seem as if she went missing. The bodies of Laci and unborn baby Connor were found after they washed ashore.

Laci’s body parts were missing

Laci’s torso and arms were missing the elbow down, one leg that was missing from the knee down, and a leg that was missing her foot were not discovered. Her head and all of her organs were missing, except for the uterus. However, Peterson’s attorney has argued that Laci was killed after running into a burglar.

In 2023, a petition was filed by Peterson to appear before a judge, claiming that new evidence was found. After reviewing the case, the LA Innocence Project took it. Initially, Peterson was sentenced to death by it was overturned in 2020.

In 2022 it was declared that Peterson’s jury was improperly screened for bias against the death penalty by the California Supreme Court. Moreover, one of Peterson’s jurors, Richelle Nice, was accused of prejudicial misconduct. She had failed to disclose she was a victim of domestic violence. Therefore, after the death sentence was thrown out, Peterson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.



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