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Nancy Pelosi Tops the Stock Race with A Staggering Annual Return of 65%

Nancy Pelosi’s investment portfolio has yet again managed to be among the top performers on Capitol Hill. According to government disclosures, the politician received a significant boost from a controversial use of stock options. The former House speaker, who is also presently a Democratic congresswoman representing the state of San Francisco, garnered approximately 65% return on her stock portfolio in the year of 2023. This return was twice the S&P 500’s 24% gain. These figures have been derived from an analysis conducted by popular stock-trading data site, known as Unusual Whales.

However, Pelosi wasn’t alone in the leading race. This term saw many other members of Congress securing a place for themselves amongst the highest-performing investors. This list included popular names like Mark Green and Josh Gottheimer. The advantage of having multiple stocks or ‘options’ over that of possessing individual stocks is a heightened chance of exposure to a stock and getting a chance at securing a greater reward if the initiated bet is proven right.

A Market for Politicians 

Options are also essential to highlight a stock profile since having options, according to players of stock filed, is a very strong indicator of an investor having access to private information. According to data gathered from different financial sources, options trading on Capitol Hill soared to a record high, of more than $160 million in the year 2023, which is a significant rise from $30 million in the year 2022. Upon request for comments, spokespeople for Pelosi, Green, and Gottheimer refused to comment.

Representative Mark green bagged a return of approximately 122%, while Pelosi’s 2023 stock profile dropped 19.8%. based on a report generated by Unusual Whales, Pelosi’s portfolio took this brash hit after she and her husband, famous tech investor Paul Pelosi, decided to sell 25,000 shares of Nvidia at a strikingly average price point of $165.05 a share. This sale, which came at a time when Nancy Pelosi was taking heat for blocking legislation that would have regulated Congressional stock trading, gave the couple a loss of more than $341,000.

Democrats Vs Republicans: A Stock Competition 

Recent security filings showcased that the couple had decided to test the waters again. An X account named Congress trading released a screenshot of a disclosure form which reflected Pelosi officially buying 50 call options with a striking price of $120, with an expiration date of December 20, 2024. According to records available at Unusual Whales, a transaction of $2 million was initiated last month. The disclosure form released to the public also showcased a transaction amount of $1 million and $5 million.

The Unusual Whales report also showcased that in the latest term, out of 100 stock-trading members of Congress, a third of the total beat the S&P with their boosted portfolios. The average Democrat grabbed returns of a whopping 31%, a striking contrast to the average Republican’s 18%. According to reports available at Unusual Whales, it was noted that Democrats lean more towards investing in sectors like tech while Republicans stick to investing in wider sectors like banking and oil.

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