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Multiple Car Crashes Snatched Away 5 Lives On Road, Onlookers Said That The Snowy Roads Are To Be Blamed

Snowy road becomes the path of death

Tragedy struck a family pretty hard on Tuesday afternoon, at around 5 pm. 5 female members belonging to the same family passed away as they got involved in a multi car-crash incident.

This tragic accident took place near Interstate 81 in snowy northeastern Pennsylvania. Initial investigation confirmed that two consecutive car crashes that killed 5 members of the same family due to the bad road conditions after heavy snowfall. 

The unfortunate car crashes

The unfortunate event followed two car crashes, one closely following another. The five members of the family were traveling via a minivan and a car.

At first, the minivan slid on the road and collided with a median barrier in Scott Township. Soon after the car following the minivan also came to a halt to help others get out of the minivan.

Four members stepped out of the minivan and then another member came out of the car. Just then, they were hit by a tractor-trailer which lost control and crashed into them.

The incident was explained to the media by a local coroner, Timothy Rowland. After the accident took place, police and the rescue teams were immediately informed by the locals. 

The accident spot

Contribution of the police officers and the rescue team

The locals rushed first to aid the victims but unfortunately there was no survivor after the violent crash. The police soon arrived at the scene and the victims were taken to the nearby hospital where they were declared dead. The identities of the deceased members had not been disclosed by the police. One of the police officials reported that they had been trying to reach the rest of the family. 

The weather forecasters had already alerted drivers

The weather alert had been announced in this part of Pennsylvania until 4 pm on Tuesday afternoon. The forecasters reported that the roads are in a condition to travel as the snow had tapered off from the roads. They alerted drivers to not speed up much as the thin layer of snow left of the road can cause accidents like this.

Ongoing road clearance

The weather department had cautioned drivers about the road conditions and the hazardous weather and the transportation department had alerted motorists to drive with caution. The police called for more vehicles and equipment to quickly clear the accident scene to get the road back to its normal condition

Current condition

A truck driver who passed that area hours later that day informed me that the roads were still pretty slick from the snow. He expressed his grief about the losses of lives on roads and said that he would have alerted them to stay off the road for that night if he would have been given an opportunity.

The investigation regarding this case is still going on. Police did not reveal any information or whereabouts of the driver of the trailer-truck. They informed that they would get back to the media as soon as they figured out any newer development in this case. 

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