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Mother of the Former First Lady, Melania Trump, Passed Away at the age of 79

The mother of the first former lady passed away

The mother of former first lady, Amalija Knavs, has died at the age of 74. The death was announced by Trump late Tuesday. The cause of death has still not been disclosed. “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved mother, Amalija,” Trump wrote on X. She quoted, “Amalija Knavs was a strong woman who always carried herself with grace, warmth, and dignity. She was entirely devoted to her husband, daughters, grandson, and son-in-law. We will miss her beyond measure and continue to honor and love her legacy.”

Melania was nurturing her mother on New Year’s Eve

At the New Year’s Eve celebration that was held at his Mar-a-Lago estate, he told everyone that his mother-in-law was not in good health. He also explained that his wife was nurturing her mother in a Miami hospital. He termed the situation that they are under to be very tough.

Amalija was spotted at many main events

When Trump was the President of the States, his mother-in-law used to live in New York along with her husband, Viktor Knavs. She made an occasional appearance at the White House. When the former first lady debuted her “Be Best” public awareness, Amalija Knavs was present to support her daughter. The campaign was held in 2018 and was organized to help children.

The entire Trump family is grieving the loss of a family member. Trump wrote on X that Melania’s mother was great and beautiful. He told everyone that she had gone to a beautiful place in the sky. She will be missed by everyone who knows how beautiful she was inside and out.

Knavs got citizenship in 2018

Knavs became a U.S. citizen in 2018 when Melania Trump sponsored her parent’s immigration to the States. They took the oath of office to become the citizens of the United States in the New York City courthouse. This immigration took place when Trump was still the President. Melania’s parents were a former car dealer and textile factory worker in Slovenia. They have been living as permanent U.S. citizens since 2018.

She was born on July 9, 1945. She was born in Judendorf-Strassengel, Austria by the name of Amalija Ulcnik. She was raised in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was a cobbler and later he adopted the career of growing red onion. In her childhood, she used to work in her family’s red onion farm. Amalija worked as a patternmaker in a children’s clothing manufacturer Jutranjka in Sevnica. She met her husband in 1966.

The lawyers even told me that when they were in the process of getting citizenship, they were not treated in any special way. Moreover, they did all the procedures on their own.

Amalija and Victor raised Melania in the rural town of Sevnica. At that time Slovenia was under Communist rule. Melania came to New York in 1996 where she met Trump in 1998. They got married in 2005. Melania is a former model.

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