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Mother Finds Out that her Son is Dead on her Birthday

Three men found dead in friend’s backyard in Kansas

After a Kansas City Chiefs game, A mom had to learn her son, one of three men found dead in their friend’s backyard, was dead on her birthday, as told by the man’s brother.

The three men who were found dead on January 9 were Clayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington. The event took place two days after they watched a Kansas City Chiefs game at friend Jordan Willis’ rental in Kansas City.


Mother learned about her son’s death on her birthday

Johnson’s brother, Jonathan Price, 38, said that their mother learned of his brother’s death on the same day of her birthday. Price’s mother subsequently informed her son Rusty, who informed Price on the next day.

Willis and their attorney waiting for the autopsy report

No answers were given the entire week and no one knew anything said Price. John Picerno, who is representing Willis. He stated that his client is unaware of how his friends died. Willis and his attorney are anxiously awaiting the results of the pending autopsy and toxicology report.

In the statement, the attorney claimed that the last time Willis saw his three friends “was when they

In the statement given by Willis’ attorney, according to Willis, the last time he saw the three dead men was when they left his house after which he went to bed. Willis came to know that friends and family were trying to locate them after being contacted by the police.

Willis’ attorney’s statements keep changing

However, Fox affiliate WDAF subsequently reported that Picerno later told them that Willis had gone to sleep before the three men left. He added that there was a fifth man at the house that night.

Picerno acknowledged the report and informed that the individual left maybe an hour or two before the other three. WDAF informed that the attorney went on to tell them he misspoke and that his client escorted the trio to the door before falling asleep on the couch.

The fifth individual told WDAF that Willis and the three men were awake when he left the home that evening.

The police were called by McGeeney’s fiancée on Jan. 9. She tried to get Willis’ attention at his home in Kansas City and found a body outside. His attorney said in a previous statement that his client did not know that they remained in his backyard.

The two other bodies were in the backyard of Willis’ home when the officers responded to the scene.

No foul play observed

No foul play was observed or suspected. Moreover, the cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner.

Johnson was a huge sports fan. Price said there was always a game of any sort on his brother’s TV. Johnson was also a great father to his three kids who were 14, 9, and 4.

Price said, “I never remember a single time where I fought with my brother, except for whenever I wanted to watch Power Rangers as a kid and he wanted to watch ESPN because he’s always been everything sports until he had his daughters and then they were his everything. His brother claimed that Johnson was a truly selfless person, and he wants him to always be remembered as that.


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