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Migrants Sleeping in Cars in New York, No Vacancy in the Hotel

Immigrants in New York City sleeping inside cars

Texas and Denver have seen a hike in the number of migrants in the past year. This number has increased in the U.S. as well. A lot of migrants have been making an appearance in the Big Apple in New York City.

This has caused a problem in the city as there is a struggle to house these immigrants. Some people have to survive by sleeping in the cars parked outside a hotel in Midtown Manhattan. A city official even called it “a New Ellis Island”.

On Christmas Day along with January 4, various men were sleeping inside four cars. The cars had out-of-state license plates located on Vanderbilt Avenue near the Rosevelt Hotel. The hotel is the city’s main intake center.

Two immigrants from Venezuela were turned down by the hotel

The image near the cars was not something to behold. The windows of the cars were all fogged up. Moreover, there were empty take-out containers along with pizza boxes that were lying around outside the car. The hotel had no vacancy, said Hugo Rafael Ramirez. Ramirez migrated from Venezuela at a small age of 22. He has decided to use his Honda as an Uber during the daytime and at night it works as a sleeping room for his friends.

Another migrant Yovani Nieves is a 23-year-old man who drove his car, a Mitsubishi Lancer, all the way from Canada. He had been working in New York City as the “harsh” Canadian winter was something that he could not handle. His bad luck made his car break down when he reached the Rosevelt Hotel. Since there were no vacancies in the hotel, he has been forced to sleep in his car. The hotel is only helping families with little kids. They are kicking out single men to the streets.

160,000 migrants in the past year

Kayla Mamela, who is the City Hall spokeswoman could not comment on the remark made by Nieves, although, she argued that the hotel turned him down because of him being a single man.  There are many facilities available at the “asylum seeker resource center” at the hotel, that one can avail to their benefit. Since 2022, the hike in number of immigrants has reached up to 160,000 in the past year. The city is facing several problems in finding temporary housing for these people. 70,000 migrants have been living without any house or social services.

2,000 migrants given shelter in a school

2,000 migrants were given shelter in tents at the Floyd Benett Field. A storm accompanied by heavy rains and high winds made it difficult for them to reside in these tents. Hence, they were moved to James Madison High School, which outraged the parents of the students. Students had to start studying through online mode so that the migrants could have a place to stay.

There is a 60-day deadline for the migrant families at the city shelter. Whoever completes this deadline is requested to reapply for placement at the Rosevelt Hotel. The process for such is promised to be orderly by Mayor Eric Adams. He stated that New York is not a city where the children and families of the migrants will reside on the streets.


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