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Megan Fox’s Cult Classic Horror-Comedy Gets Exciting Sequel Update 15 Years Later

Jennifer’s Body’s writer Diablo Cody hints towards the movie’s sequel

Jennifer’s Body’s writer Diablo Cody gave an exciting sequel update, that too 15 years after its release. The horror-comedy is one of the best movies to watch at a sleepover or when you want to awaken your dark-feminine energy.

The amazing movie follows a possessed high school student, Jennifer Check who is played by the extremely beautiful Megan Fox. In the movie, she begins feeding on male classmates while disconcerting her childhood best friend Needy Lesnicki.

Cast and crew disappointed by its underwhelming performance

Along with Fox, the cast of Jennifer’s Body consisted of outstanding performers like Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris, and J.K. Simmons. The film got mixed reactions in 2009, and even though the movie is loved by many, its underwhelming box office performance was considered the result of mismarketing.

Jennifer’s Body became a cult classic in later years and was praised for its feminism and Cody’s script.

Cody said in an interview that a sequel might be in the works

Cody was interviewed recently with Bloody Disgusting, where she revealed that a Jennifer’s Body sequel may be in the works. She expressed interest in making another movie just like the cult classic. She discussed how her feelings about the theme the story and the viewership have changed. She is now enjoying a positive reception from audiences.

Cody commented that she wants to do a sequel and that she is not done with Jennifer’s Body. She just needs to find a way to partner with people who believe in making the sequel as much as she does. However, that has not happened yet.

She is looking for someone to believe in it and who also has a billion dollars. At first, she wondered where was this audience when she needed it. Also, some people who did not appreciate the movie came around after some time.

She thinks today’s generation will love the revamp

At present, she believes that no saltiness lingers anymore which makes her immensely happy.

At first, she was excited about it but was also a little bit salty because she remembered thinking that the audience was not there when the movie came out. The movie was a huge critical and commercial failure. She even admitted that she was pretty humiliated.

The experience was rough after the movie came out. It was rough for her as well as for Megan.  After some time people started talking about it like it was a good movie, which had been her thought all along.

After its release, Jennifer’s Body failed to resonate with moviegoers. The main cause is considered to be its marketing which was geared toward men. The promotional content chose to focus on the sexual appeal of Fox. It concealed much of the movie’s tone and overall story.

Cody explained that the marketing originally was based on Megan’s public opinion and ongoing speculation surrounding which played another role. After a while, young women began to revisit the film, started celebrating its messaging, and agreed that Jennifer’s Body was ahead of its time.

Even Fox discussed a possible Jennifer’s Body sequel in 2021. Moreover, Cody’s latest comments about the movie suggest that something could eventually come together.

The ending of the movie left Needy’s future wide open. It was revealed that she developed supernatural abilities and killed Low Shoulder the band responsible for Jennifer’s possession. Even though Jennifer died, Fox’s character could return once more.

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