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Maryland Man Kills Roommate After the Two Got into an Altercation Over TV Remote

In a recent, bizarre turn of events, a Maryland resident was charged for shooting his roommate to death. According to latest administrative records, the suspect is being held without bond.

The suspect, who has now been identified as Richard Bennaugh, 38, has been charged with manslaughter, assault, and firearm charges after police officials from the Prince George’s County Police stated that he shot his 26-year-old roommate, identified as Domonique Scott Hayes in their shared Springdale home, this past week. According to the official reports released by the authorities, the incident was sparked by an argument the two roommates had over the TV remote control.

‘Self-Defense’ or Intentional Attack

According to the charging documents released to the press, Bennaugh had initiated contact with authorities through 911 at 12.30pm on Wednesday. During this call, Bennaugh confessed to the operator that he had shot his roommate after the two got into a fight about the TV remote control. According to this call, the altercation had taken place somewhere around 5:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. that day.

Bennaugh had justified his actions to the operator by claiming that his roommate had approached with a knife in each hand, and that he had shot Hayes in an attempt of self-defense.

The documents provided to the media give a very detailed account of what actually happened that day. Bennaugh had confessed to the authorities that at the time of the incident, he was on the second floor living room sofa when at approximately 5.30 am, he woke to the sound of Hayes “making a lot of noise” as Hayes looked around for the TV remote control.

Bennaugh said that he ignored the ruckus and tried to go back to sleep when he heard Hayes walk behind the living room sofa, asking him to hand over the TV remote. When Bennaugh removed the blanket from his head to look up at Hayes, he said that Hayes was already looking down at him, with one knife in each of his hand.

Manslaughter, Drugs, and ‘Self-Defense’

According to Bennaugh’s confession, this sight triggered him, and he instinctively reached out for his handgun and pointed it at Hayes. Bennaugh told the authorities that the moment he started shooting, Hayes ran upstairs to his room on the third floor, in hopes of escaping the shower of bullets that were raining down on him. Bennaugh further stated that since he saw no blood around the wall, which was now covered with bullet holes, he had assumed that Hayes had escaped unscathed and was now upstairs in his room.

The suspect also confessed that a few hours after the incident, he drove to a friend’s home in Lanham, where he confessed to everything. After a visit to his friend, the suspect then drove to a marijuana dispensary, from where he acquired about $50 worth of marijuana.

After acquiring the marijuana, Bennaugh returned home to smoke the illegal substance. It was also reported that Bennaugh had discarded the fired cartridge casings by flushing them down the toilet. In addition to this, he had also confessed to a lot of people about what happened, before finally contacting the authorities.

When the authorities arrived on scene, Hayes was found dead on the third floor, with two knifes in his hand. Records available online reveal that Bennaugh is due to appear back in court on February 9th, 2024.

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