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Man on trial for killing young woman whose friends pulled into wrong driveway says ‘my soul is dead’

20-year-old woman killed by a 66-year-old man

A 20-year-old woman was fatally shot after the car she was riding in mistakenly drove up to a man’s backcountry driveway in upstate New York. The man testified at his trial on Friday. He stated that he believed he was under siege that night and now it feels like his soul is dead. However, he maintained the fatal shot was a complete accident.

The 66-year-old Kevin Monahan took the stand in his defense. He ended his testimony in a second-degree murder trial. He is charged in the death of Kaylin Gillis. The woman was riding in a caravan of two cars. A motorcycle pulled into his driveway while looking for another person’s house on a Saturday night last April. Authorities say Monahan fired two shots from his deck. The second shot struck Gillis in the neck.

Man believed his home was under siege

Monahan believes that his home in rural Hebron, about 40 miles north of Albany, was under siege. He thought he was facing an invasion when the caravan pulled up his long and winding driveway. He decided to come out with a shotgun to try to scare the group away. He even told the jurors that his wife hid in a closet.

He claims it was a defense attack

He claimed that when one is by themselves, they have to figure a way out in the worst-case scenarios. His only thought at that time was to protect his wife.

He testified that he first fired a warning shot to let the intruders know that he had a working gun. “The warning shot, to me, is almost like starting a dialog,” he testified later under cross-examination.

Monahan said he then tripped over nails protruding from his deck. He was wearing flip-flops at that time. Because of that lost his balance which accidentally caused his shotgun to fire at the Ford Explorer carrying Gillis, her boyfriend along with her two other young friends.

Monahan regretting his actions

He stated that he had no intention of shooting the second shot. The gun just went off and it was not under his control. When Monahan’s attorney, Arthur Frost, asked him if he pulled the trigger, he denied that. He even cried on the stand and claimed that the incident had left a hole in him.

The situation is indescribable to him. He has no idea how to respond. He feels like my soul is dead.

Monahan thought that if he said anything to the people to inquire about their identities, it would make the situation worse.

However, the prosecutors allege that Monahan showed a depraved indifference to human life by firing at the SUV. After the incident, Monahan called 911. When the police showed up outside his house, Morris noted that Monahan had said he had been sound asleep and never informed the emergency operator or even the police about the incident.

To that, Monahan replied that he did not tell the truth. He was the only witness who was called to the stand by his attorneys in his defense before the case was rested on Friday. The closing arguments are to be expected on Monday.

Monahan had been in jail since the killing. He also is charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence of a crime scene.

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