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Louisiana Woman Missing After a Driving Assignment Since March 2022

Louisiana woman missing after a driving assignment

There has been a very confusing case that came up after a woman from Louisiana vanished when she was on a driving assignment. The case continued to shock the community because the woman disappeared while doing the most normal activity which does not seem like something where a person would completely disappear.

A 33-year-old woman has not been seen since March 9, 2022. She has been identified as Ella Goodie and authorities have been in search of her. The authorities are looking for a suspect foul in her disappearance.

A hardworking mother of two went missing

Ella is a mother of two teenagers. She has been once affiliated with a renowned ridesharing platform. She also contributed to helping her clients sort their issues beyond the app so that she could have an extra income.

She informed her colleagues and acquaintances about the planned trip she was going to take in the first week of March. She was given the job of helping a passenger transport from Louisiana to Houston, Texas.

Reported by her brother

Ella is the kind of person who never disappears or takes time for herself without informing anyone beforehand. This uncharacteristic absence of her concerned her brother. So, he decided to report her missing on the 11th of March. Goodie owned a 2012 Black Audi Q5.

It was spotted crossing Texas and it reentered Louisiana nearly half a day later after her departure as seen in the traffic camera footage. But there was a slight puzzle in the passage of the vehicle. The Audi was detected in the Dallas region on the same day Ella supposedly disappeared.

Brandon Jermaine Francisco is a suspect

The last person who had interacted with Ella was Brandon Jermaine Francisco. Hence, the detectives quickly interacted with him to get out information from him.

They came to the decision to take Francisco into custody on unrelated charges in St. Joseph, Missouri on March 25. Goodie’s Audi was spotted in the same area after one of Francisco’s arrest. This was a significant breakthrough in the missing case of Ella Goodie.

When there was no trace of Ella till May, the Louisiana Police State Department decided to announce that Ella’s missing status would be approached as a potential homicide case. Advanced investigation strategies were applied to find the missing woman. Moreover, there was an accumulation of several witness testimonies, and hence, the decision of the police department was thrust.

Ella missing even after almost two years

Francisco is a man who has had a criminal route. He has a documented criminal footpath which has spanned over two decades. He has been handed to Louisiana due to all the crimes he had committed.

He was involved in a shooting incident that took place in 2018. He confessed to be part of the shooting in October. For that, he faced legal proceedings and then a 30-year incarceration term.

No one knows what happened to Ella Goodie. It is unknown whether she is alive or dead. The investigation is deepening day by day and the police are trying to find answers as soon as possible. The authorities have also urged the public to share any kind of detail that they might think is useful in finding the missing woman.

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