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Louisiana Reached the Milestone in Clean Energy: A new Chapter in American History

The United States has created history by launching its first-ever offshore wind project in Louisiana. It has become a crucial step taken towards ensuring a healthy ecosystem and environment using wind, a renewable energy source to reduce the state’s dependency on non-renewable sources.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards along with Tom Harris, Secretary of the Natural Resource Department have announced the projects with the approval of the State Mineral and Energy Board in December. The two offshore wind farm projects are Cajun Wind and Diamond Offshore Wind.

What are the wind projects?

The Cajun Wind is the project under Danish manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems, approved for a 59,653-acre agreement off the coast of Cameron Parish for 7,923.

The Diamond Offshore Wind project or the DOW is the project under Mitsubishi, approved for an agreement of 6162-acre property near Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes for 8,101.

Significance of Louisiana

Louisiana is the primary electricity provider to the state by using natural gas and has an abundance of water resources along with its geographical position ideal for Wind energy projects. The existing infrastructure and the ports give it an advantage for such projects.

Governor Edward highlighted their aim to install 5 GW of offshore wind by 2035 which would be a significant step towards a sustainable future.

Along with that, Louisiana is proceeding to become the leading sector in generating clean energy by grabbing the coming-of-age technologies and innovations, which would significantly help in creating more job opportunities and revenue generation along with a cleaner and environment-friendly use of energy sources. The initiative was also taken as the state has been greatly impacted by the oil and gas industries which has majorly affected the environment.

Importance of Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the main driving forces towards a sustainable future.

It is a renewable resource unlike fossil fuels and helps in reducing dependency on transportation or extraction, unlike fossil fuels that require a big scale of both. One of its great advantages is the no emission of greenhouse gases like methane, and carbon monoxide which are the major contributors to ozone layer depletion.

Its availability all over the globe makes it an easier source of energy depending on its intensity, with the growing technologies, it has become much easier to install wind turbines. The high-yielding result of wind energy and its cost-effectiveness compared to fossil fuels have become the major turning point in the usage of this renewable resource.

One of the main reasons for switching to wind energy is the minimum land acquisition compared to other energy sources that lead to the preservation of the natural habitat. Along with being an eco-friendly source, it also helps in reducing air pollution.

The two projects initiated by Louisiana will not only provide an environment-friendly solution to the growing degradation of the natural habitat but will also provide economic stability to the local community and help in generating state revenue. The already existing ports as well as the establishment of a strong transport system, will become a strong customer base as well as a hub of new opportunities.

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