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Local Councils of England are Doomed Financially

England has been going through a financial crisis which is predicted to trigger a high increase in town hall bankruptcies. This was predicted in August 2023 that England will go through a major bankruptcy scene by the end of the year. This made the local government leaders think of increasing council tax bills and imposing a fresh round of cuts to services. According to the data, one in five council bosses believe that they will go completely broke in the upcoming 15 months. There is a lack of funding for services like child protection, adult social care, and homelessness services.


 The Woking Council

Many factors came up as the reason for this doom in the economy. Cuts in funding from the central government, higher interest rates, COVID-19, and embittered bets on commercial real estate have led to this situation. The Woking Council’s borrowing is £2.4 billion whereas it has a net budget of only £24 million. The council won the title of England’s most indebted council last year. It was one out of the three councils to get this title. Due to the circumstances, they are being asked to slash the key services. The Liberal Democrat leader Ann-Marie Baker said that “the council lived beyond its means”.

The council is expected to vote on a package of cuts next month. This package will aim at saving about £12 million annually. The effect it will have on the town’s residents is that they will have to face the closing of the public swimming pools and council-owned public toilets. The funding for the sports pitches and the town’s main art gallery has been removed altogether.

If we look at the locals, they are devastated by these steps as many of them will go through cuts from the basic needs of a human being. In the upcoming months, the funding will be cut even more and the locals will have to pay for basic services.


Birmingham and Nottingham also taking steps

Birmingham is Britain’s second biggest city. Birmingham along with Nottingham, which is located in the East Midlands are going to reveal their cost cuttings soon after issuing their own Section 114 Notices in the recent months.

“Section 114 notices are reports issued by the chief financial officer (or Section 151 officer) of a British public body to prevent certain types of expenditure. The notices take their name from section 114 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988.”


Condition of the big projects taken

If we put it all together, the UK councils have a loan of £95 billion outstanding for investment projects. Many people blame the policy that came up in 2010 for the hollowing out of local government finances. It was that as grants from the central government were cut, local councils were given greater power to borrow money. This led to the rabbit hole England is in today.

If we talk about the investment projects, The glitzy Victoria Square development pops up. It consists of two boasting skyscrapers and a new Hilton Hotel. It was supposed to be a landmark for Woking. Instead, it became a paradigm of how a lack of funds and a lot of debt can affect such projects. The original budget has more than quadrupled to more than £700 million.

“The scale of borrowing was disproportionate to the council’s assets and ability to manage complex commercial activity,” the government inspectors said in their report. “There was insufficient regard to the level of risk the council was being exposed to.”

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