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Llyod Austin Addresses Media after being Released from the Medical Center

United States Defense Secretary Lloyd was recently released from medical care on Monday, after being admitted at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the past two weeks. According to official statements released by the Pentagon, Austin was urgently hospitalized on January 1, 2024, due to complications from a previous prostate cancer treatment that he had undergone.

Austin, aged 70, was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland previously on December 22, 2023, to receive treatment for prostate cancer.

He was released from medical care once the treatment was completed, however, on January 1, 2024, Austin was once again rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center due to unexpected complications from the previously undergone prostate cancer treatment. According to reports released from various media outlets, these unexpected complications included a urinary tract infection.

Austin’s Secret Hospitalization 

Austin’s hospitalization was not revealed to the general audience until four days after his admittance. In addition to this, Pentagon had denied commenting on why the Defense Secretary was absent from his duties till January 9th, 2024.

While addressing the media, Austin expressed his gratitude for “the excellent care” he received at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Through the media present at the event, Austin extended his gratitude to the medical professionals and staff at the medical institution “for their professionalism and superb support.” He also extended his heartfelt gratitude to the citizens of the US, for their “well wishes.

According to medical reports released to the general public, Secretary Austin had progressed well throughout his hospitalization, and he is slowly recuperating the strength he lost over the tenure of this treatment. Austin had reportedly undergone a series of medical tests and evaluations, in addition to undergoing nonsurgical professional medical care during his stay at the medical center.

It was reported that the Defense Secretary had some “lingering leg pains” after his prostate cancer treatment which were treated during his second hospitalization. Austin was asked to rest at home and undergo professional physical therapy with a regular follow up. The Defense Secretary is expected to make a full recovery in the upcoming months.

Austin’s Public Return 

According to official government statements released to the press, Austin will be performing his duties remotely with direct, authentic access to secure communications capabilities, before he can completely recover and return to the Pentagon. Biden administration’s ‘ignorance’ towards Austin’s hospitalization sparked massive controversy throughout the United States. Many key political figures of US criticized President Biden for not knowing about Austin’s absence, since the absence of the nation’s Defense Secretary could have been used as a measure to jeopardize the nation’s internal security.

On Monday after being released from the hospital, Lloyd publicly extended his gratitude to his medical team and his well-wishers. He was quoted saying that he was “eager to fully recover and return as quickly as possible to the Pentagon.” Llyod Austin has been an essential asset to the US defense forces. Over the years, he has actively defended the nation’s security, earning immense love and respect from both the government and the general public.

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