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Latoya Joyner – the Incredible Assemblywoman – Resigns for a Non-Government Job

Who is the power lady Latoya Joyner

Born on 13 September 1986, Latoya Joyner was the Assembly member for the 77th District of the New York State Assembly.  The district includes Claremont, Concourse, Highbridge, Mount Eden, and Morris Heights. She was brought up and raised in the Bronx. She obtained an undergraduate degree from SUNY Stony Brook and got her law degree from the University at Buffalo. She also served as a member of the New York State Bar along with the New York City Criminal Court. She entered the race to succeed Vanessa Gibson after her seat was left vacant for almost a year. Latoya was sworn in for her first term on 1st January 2015.

Joyner has not disclosed the nature of her next job yet

The Bronx Democrat and the chairperson of the Labor Committee has decided to resign from her post of ab Assemblywoman and take a job outside of government as informed by her spokesman on Thursday. The 37-year-old has served in the 150-seat Assembly since 2015. Jamie Gilkey, her spokesman, has not disclosed the nature of Joyner’s next job. Joyner did share in a statement that she would like to share more information in the future as she will put an effort to attain very “valuable and professional personal growth.” Her resignation will be effective Monday at midnight.

The successor of Venessa Gibson, Latoya has always been excellent in her field. She has been an advocate for workers along with the residents of the New York City Housing Authority. She stated that her commitment to service remains unwavering. She has a special place in her heart for the people of the 77th Assembly District. She learned a lot of new things throughout the years of her service.

Gibson made a statement regarding the success of Joyner in her field. Joyner has been a voice for the pay parity and wage justice for the most marginalized regions of New York. She left an incredible mark on the community. Joyner was not only a helpful Assemblywoman but also very keen to improve and always give a better outcome than before. The Bronx will miss this undoubtedly remarkable woman.

Works of Joyner

Joyner sponsored a plan to ban employee noncompete agreements statewide, as recorded in her last legislative session. Even though it was vetoed last month by Governor Hochul, the measure did pass the Assembly and the Senate. This measure could have been a major labor victory if it had been authorized and Joyner did try her best to make it happen.

Moreover, Joyner helped in securing $8.5 million in funding for the Sedgwick Houses. Sedgwick Houses is a seven-building, seven-decade-old Housing Authority complex located in Morris Heights. It is a home to about 1,400 people.

Special Elections to Replace Latoya Joyner

Since Joyner is leaving her post, Gov, Hochul will have to schedule a special election to replace her with an equally exceptional candidate. Avi Small, Hochul’s spokesperson, reported in a statement that the Governor has a 10-day window to hold this special election. A decision according to the timeline will be taken.

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