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Kobach Against Trans People of Kansas Changing Gender on Driver’s License

Kris Kobach against gender change in driver’s license

Kris Kobach, the Attorney General of Kansas told a Shawnee County judge on Wednesday that the gender listed on the driver’s license of transgender people should not be allowed and they should be blocked from doing so. It is a new challenge for the state law. The Republican state attorney general turned out to be irrelevant. He was supposed to take a stand for the trams people of Kansas. The Kansas Legislature is GOP-controlled. The statement came during the latest hearing in the court. The Legislature approved the law SB 180 which states that the gender of the person is the one that they were assigned during the time of their birth. The law supposedly regulates the lives of many trans people.

Hearing at the Shawnee County District Court

The hearing was held at the Shawnee County District Court. The argument took place between, Kobach, the Kansas Department of Revenue, and the ACLU of Kansas where the question was raised of whether they should go against the SB 180 law. Plans that there should be limits on hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries on minors should be limited according to the lawmakers. The agency of the Kansas Department of Revenue decided that the gender change in the driver’s license is allowed despite the SB 180 law. Hence, Kobach decided to sue them.

The argument was put forward that any individual needs a driver’s license to define their gender officially, hence, the law is bizarre. However, due to the violation of law, KDOR is not in the power to make licenses at the present moment. This happened after an emergency order was issued by the Shawnee County District Court. The hearing for the same has been scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. It will tell about all the legal options available for the current situation.

Kobach stresses that the unity of SB 180 should be remained

There was a decision taken by the federal court in December that barred people from changing their gender on their birth certificates. This was highlighted by Kobach during the hearing. The Shawnee County is not bound with this decision, yet, Kobach made a statement that said. “The objective of 180 is to stop things from changing from one agency to another.” According to him, the uniformity of suck laws shall not be broken.

The testimony will ruin the regularity of the lives of trans people

Ted Smith disagrees with the argument put up by Kobach as one requires documents like a birth certificate and driver’s license to prove their gender. Hence, the law is not practical as this can stop the regularity of the lives of trans people. These documents are the representative of every individual. The trans-Kansans will face a lot of hardships if their gender can not be changed in these government documents. This will lead all these trans people to reveal their identity unwillingly whenever they are required to present these documents to someone.  Hence, the testimony should not be applicable in any case. We all know about the violent activities that take place involving the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Such actions will lead to unwanted discrimination.

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